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Social Media Marketing for the Holidays
by Jacob Maslow

We are already in the middle of the year-end holidays and for those who are still figuring out how to get the best out of the social media during this season, we have culled out some of the best strategies to be employed for your benefit. Some people reckon only Christmas and the New Year as the busiest shopping periods during the season. But, when you dig in, you find that the Western nations have many other reasons to celebrate during the entire month of December and January.  Chanukah, Gingerbread house day, Candy Cane Day etc. are some of these happening in December.  That apart, when we bring retail business into focus, generally, December presents the biggest opportunity across the year and it is essential that you get the best out of this period in time.  Remember that if you fail to claim your share of the pie, competition will essentially take away your share.

What holidays do you focus for December?

Let us examine some of the holidays that you can exploit for your profit. Some of them are behind us this year, but would give you adequate time to prepare for the next season.

Apart from the above, there are also some novelty holidays like National Ice-cream day, Chocolate Candy Day etc. and a full list of novelty holidays can fill this page. But, we will move on to other aspects that are relevant to your marketing efforts.

Design a strategy to suit your objectives

Think of what you should achieve through your social media marketing. Some of the common pointers include:-

Set your objectives and determine your goals:-

It is important that you zero in on your pitch and plan your strategy for the social media. Once your goals are set, it gets a lot easier to weave together your plan and actually achieve those goals.

Refreshing the cover images you have on the social media to suit the celebration and the offers you are handing out. You can go colorful or just stick to interesting and fresh content. Playing with colors is a good idea, but you should know what appeals to the masses. Wrong choice of colors can hurt your objectives. Yet, there is no harm trying to decorate your social media profile – the cover image using holiday motifs. Coca-Cola is a good brand to draw some ideas for this and build on. An added benefit is that you can also the opportunity to wish every visitor “Happy Holidays” straight on the cover photo so everyone can see that the first thing when they reach your site. This is also the best time of the year to promote your services or products if they can be desirable gifts.

You should make sure that your CTC is powerful and Crello and Canva are some very user friendly tools that can come to your aid. Depending on your needs and focus, you can also change these at frequent intervals.

Draw up a schedule of the frequency at which you will publish fresh content and what would be the type of content. This should be done ahead of your actual idea, and in fact, what you can do at this stage is:-

Now that you have drawn up your schedule and have a broad idea of the type of content you will be dealing with, it is essential to find quality time. Quality time is needed to create most of the social media content for the holidays and in any case it is a busy season. By planning the content well ahead of the commencement of the season, you can ensure that the content you create fetches the desired results.  But, when you choose the first week of December or later, you are bound to do a hurried job and potentially end up with sub-standard content.

These days social media is the place where lots of actions happen across age profiles. While planning your campaigns you should also take care to ensure that all your content and your social media presence itself is mobile friendly. Do remember that most web browsing has moved away from the old world desktops.

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