Smart Social Media Marketing Tools for Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Website – Discover Soon

Social media marketing seems to be a wise strategy for effectively promoting your brand, boosting user engagement, and reaching your target audience.

Today social media marketing is an integral part of a robust business strategy. However, it is quite a challenging task and definitely one of the most difficult marketing strategies to crack. If you are looking for an incredible social media success, you must use effective traffic-boosting tools.

PageModo is an effective Facebook design tool. This is a popular Facebook application that has been designed exclusively for creating cover pictures, customizing contests and tabs. This tool is of great help to the newcomers on Facebook and also, for all those people who are lacking in design knowledge. You know that content and visual imagery on social networking sites is critical for success. You must try out PageModo both for fun and a professional touch.

Sprout Social

As businesses are witnessing the power and ultimate importance of social media for marketing their products and brands effective social media management tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite are being regarded increasingly as vital.

This tool provides effective social media management solutions and software for developing and fortifying real connections with all those individuals who actually love your brand. Sprout Social is best for social media management and allows you to effectively share and schedule posts to literally all your social networking sites from one single place.

Now you could consider drafting, scheduling, queuing and posting messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and even LinkedIn. Moreover, Sprout Social helps you in analyzing followers’ engagement patterns. It also helps in determining optimal time slots for posting your comment. Also, seek assistance from reputed sites such as storm likes for perfect social media optimization solutions.

BuzzSumo is the most effective tool for analyzing what content is performing best for any competitor or topic. You need to understand what to post for attracting your target audience and keeping them engaged. BuzzSumo would be helping you in determining what exactly your audience is really looking for.

Launched in the year 2014, BuzzSumo is still rated highly among the premium social media marketing tools. You just need to enter your topic phrase or industry then BuzzSumo would effectively come up with a list of all the popular existing videos, infographics, and articles depending on the exact number of social shares that they have gained.

Well, this is not exactly a social media tool; however, it works well in conjugation with social media campaigns. Suppose you have witnessed a successful social media campaign and you have successfully experienced an increase in incoming traffic. However, when people come to your site, it does not automatically imply that would lead to conversions. In reality, as per Bounce Exchange, around 96 percent of the website visitors would actually never return.

That is the reason why you must consider optimizing your website with effective tools like Picreel. It helps you in capturing visitors while they are leaving by providing customizable exit offers. It effectively transforms exits into conversions. Moreover, Picreel is really easy to use and helps you in customizing the offer designs for fitting in properly with your current branding.

We have discussed the efficacies of some of the top social media marketing tools that help in boosting the overall website traffic. There are many more such effective tools. Start using any one of the above-discussed social media marketing tools at once if you haven’t started yet. Sit back and witness the traffic soar.

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