Six SEO Best Practices You Should Implement – Finance Terms

Whether you are a web content creator or a digital marketer, there are particular practices you should follow. While there are dozens of ways to boost your ranking, it is essential first to get the basics. SEO best practices are the foundation to better rankings and include;-

Use of HTTPS

HTTPS has been used as a ranking factor since 2014. A site using HTTPS has a lock icon before the URL. Most web hosts offer this service, and if yours does not, you will need to install an SSL certificate and get a free or paid package, depending on your needs. Switching to HTTPS is a one-time thing, and protects even those you host in the future.

Ensure Fast Page Loading

A site loading speed is another factor used by Google in its ranking algorithm. That is why it important that you ensure your page loads as fast as possible. There are various tools, PageSpeed Insights, and Web Page Test; you can use to know your current situation before you start making any changes.

Here is how to improve your page’s loading speed;-

Appropriate Use of Your Keyword

Understandably, you want to use your keyword severally in the text. However, you need to appreciate that where you use your keyword influences your rankings. Google emphasizes on keywords that appear on the top of a webpage. That said, your keyword should appear in the title tag, first heading (H1), and URL. Title tags accurately describe your site’s content while showing your readers what you have to offer.

Use a Precise URL

It is wise you avoid long URLs as they not only get truncated in the results but also intimidate searchers. With this in mind, come up with a short and precise URL that still preserves the essential words. Remove the stop words and other unnecessary details so you will be left something short and sweet.

Image Optimization

The importance of Google images cannot be emphasized enough. They make your text more interesting to read by breaking the monotony of long texts. However, if wrongly used, they can reduce your site’s loading speed. To optimize an image, you need to compress it, add alt tags, and utilize descriptive filenames.

Write Unique Content

One of the most crucial SEO practices is avoiding duplicate content, even across your site. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to write unique content for each page, especially if you are running an e-commerce site. However, you must try it. If you are finding it challenging to come up with unique content for each page, try combining those with similar ideas. This rule also applies to your titles, meta descriptions, image alt texts, landing, product and category pages.

Final Words

Though SEO best practices are a high starting point, they are not adequate to improve your rankings. Ensure you consider other factors that ensure you run a successful SEO campaign for your webpage.

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