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Shopify eCommerce SEO case Study

The feeling of taking on a new client via your website contact form is a positive and validating one, when a famous brand of chocolatiers get in touch for SEO help, well, what’s not to love about fresh, handmade chocolates?

Rumsey’s handmade chocolates were established in the 1908’s and are a proud family-run company boasting 2 cafes, one in Thame and one in Wendover.

In the series of Midsomer Murders, the ‘Picture of Innocence’ episode featured Rumsey’s Chocolaterie in Thame located in the heart of the fictional village of Luxton Deeping. When filming was taking place, Rumsey’s chocolate cafe was transformed into Madrigal’s camera shop.

Fun fact: Rumsey’s Thame chocolate cafe hosted both John Nettles and Neil Dudgeon as the show’s lead character Chief Inspector Barnaby. When the filming was complete, the founder and master chocolatier, Nigel Rumsey, created a brand new recipe of the “Barnaby Bun” in celebration – and it’s still on their menu today.

Google Search Terms for Rumsey’s Chocolates

I’m sure you’re already aware of the search term I’m ranking for on page 1 of Google, this is a big wow factor for many prospective clients, if I’ve done that for myself, she can do it for me, kind of thing.

Sometimes a client will genuinely have no idea where to start, and this was Rumsey’s. Historically, they have attracted good footfall in both chocolatier cafes, and as a result, have sold thousands of chocolates to take away over the years. With Lockdown #1 in March 2020 the family held an urgent business meeting, and with very good reason.

Before you start to write content decide on the target search phrase and keyword order

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