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Now, digital marketing is taking on more significance day by day. The importance of digital marketing in order to let your business grow is growing to new heights. Businesses have found other ways than just basic advertising to stay in focus when it comes to their loyal patrons, consumers/ clients as well as their target audience. They have begun to shell out a major portion of their marketing budgets to ensure that the company’s presence is optimized online.

How is this done? There are two major ways any organization can look to benefit from an internet marketing campaign. The first is SEO and the second is PPC. While SEO no doubt optimizes the online search for your business as well as elevates your ranking, PPC is all about per click advertising. We know there are several issues that both these campaigns can resolve. The choice of the campaign generally depends on the organization’s individual budget as well as their requirement for exposure.

Most often, what happens is that organizations with a limited budget opt for PPC campaigns instead of SEO since they are under the impression that their limited budget could only benefit them through a short set PPC campaign. They end up believing that a SEO campaign would not prove to be fruitful in their budgets since SEO is more extensive than PPC. But, is this really true?

We believe it is not. While a PPC campaign may seem like the better option for the budget restraint, it in fact will prove to be much more of a costly affair when looked at it in the long term. The difference can be located in the length of the period in which each campaign yields results and how far it is useful in the long term.

It has also been found true that with small organizations, it has proven to be quite beneficial to have a PPC campaign lay the foundation for changes that can be incorporated later by the SEO team. Let’s take a look at how this works:

We are quite sure that you must be wondering that if they can be used in tandem, why we believe that SEO will prove to be more fruitful in the long run. This is literally dependant on the time duration that we provide each campaign and how much of a continued success each can promise the business.

How is SEO More Effective?

Many companies including SEO company in Los Angeles will have you understand that even though SEO takes days and weeks to set up, it is much more beneficial in the long run. This is so because although SEO will take up more time in terms of research as well as a prolonged time in delivering results, it is a much more noticeable as well as continuous platform for advertising.

Exposure is key when it comes to marketing and when you enlist SEO professionals to cover your website for keyword rich content as well as solve other issues with penalties, low rankings, low conversion rate etc.; you ensure maximum exposure for the business through a constant online presence. So, this ensures that your website receives an organic listing and maybe even organic traffic later on in the campaign.

While PPC might be quick to set up, it is only effective around the early periods of the set up. Since a PPC ad has to be re-done ever so often, it is quite cumbersome a process. The exercise in itself proves to be quite unfruitful because once the ad is taken down; the website loses its online presence thereby not giving them constant exposure.

Unlike this, an SEO campaign is a continuous process and works keeping in mind a long term marketing interest. Unlike PPC, which would lead for the business to lose their rankings overnight, an SEO campaign would mean constant revision of the pages’ traffic and an effort to reach out to new customers.

It will drive more leads and potential customers to your business even after you have stopped spending for the campaign. This means that your ROI is double than that of PPC.

In Terms of Money

Even financially, an SEO campaign can prove to much more fruitful than a PPC strategy. Even in small businesses where budget is a constraint due to lesser number of income sources, it just so happens that an SEO campaign works much more efficiently.

Both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, SEO company in Los Angeles like SEOTuners will tell you that a prolonged SEO project not only gives you results much after an investment has been made but it also means that while each PPC ad will cost you a few dollars to set up, the same results can be derived from an SEO campaign in a matter of few pennies.

What do you think is a better choice for your organization? Is it a continuously lead generating SEO campaign or a temporal PPC advertisement? If you still cannot make a decision between the two, we suggest a combined campaign with greater focus on PPC.

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