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SEO Training in Hyderabad – In today’s world, Search Engine Optimisation is essential to attract visitors and promotes sales on your website. At Digital Floats, we understand the current trends in online advertising and marketing and believe that we have the potential to reach out to millions of people through our website by the means of SEO and marketing techniques.

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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the procedure of using certain tactics to highlight our own website in web results when using search engines – such as Google, MSN, Bing, and Yahoo. Special words called ‘keywords’ relevant to the product or service are used for the purpose to advance website traffic and attract customer visits.

At Digital Floats, we aim to provide the best possible SEO training and counseling sessions to our students. We offer both theoretical classes as well as practical work so that our students receive an all-round development in this regard. Our professors have been trained more than 10,000 students as of now and they are eager to maintain their records – we have been in the training industry for the past ten years and have a good placement track record. Our SEO Training Certification course is open for all, such as –

We have a well-structured syllabus that has been designed in consultation with industry experts. It is comprehensive and comprises all the important aspects of SEO Training as follows –

For more information, you contact us at our Head office, Hyderabad.

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Benefits of Online SEO Course in Hyderabad

Best Faculty for SEO Training in Hyderabad

At Digital Floats, we take our quality of service very seriously. Our professors have worked at real-time industry for several years in digital marketing industries and have earned laurels for their excellent performance. Now, they have joined us in our endeavor to share their great knowledge and experience with our students. They have many years of practical job skills that they could pass on to their students, and serve the noble purpose of our institute.

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What Do The Students Say About Us?

I had opted for the online

SEO training course, as I was working. Needless to day, Mr. Srikanth has a deep and in-depth knowledge about SEO works and explained the concepts to us very nicely. Join the classroom session if you can. I had a very good experience by taking up the SEO Training course at Digital Floats. Everything is very well-managed, and the professors are sincere. I would recommend Digital Floats to everyone. – Rahul

The SEO training course at

Digital Floats prepares us for the future through mock tests and interviews along with market perspective, which gives us an idea of what to expect in our career. The staff is very friendly and dedicated, and is always ready to help you. The classrooms are clean, well-ventilated. You will be required to work on projects and assignments, and go on internships – giving you an overall development. -Shweta Rajput

Unlike most other training institutes

Digital Floats focuses on concrete study, practical training and preparation for the future. Even if you’re not a regular student, you can access their online classes. One of the best faculty in SEO training in Hyderabad, I thoroughly enjoyed my course there. Mr. Srikanth makes sure that his classes are not theoretical and boring but makes it interesting through giving practical examples. Digital Floats is worth your time and money. -Archana

Thanks to Digital Floats

Thanks to Digital Floats, I have secured myself a great job in a good company – all thanks to my professors and other staff at Digital Floats. Mr. Srikanth is an extremely dedicated teacher, and I have learned many things from him. He would explain the course concepts so beautifully, all you would need to is to revise for your tests – and you will definitely score good marks. -Sarath

Our professors train us

in both theoretical and practical knowledge. After completing the prescribed syllabus well in time, they go on to hold sessions for any doubt or question and prepare us for the future. Thank you, Digital Floats. -Sandeep

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