SEO tips to improve your website traffic

Search Engine Optimisation is the principle of improving your website traffic quality and quantity. This effort focuses on unpaid traffic rather than paid search ads. There are a few simple elements that you can begin with to enable your SEO to be more efficient…  1. Remove ANYTHING that slows your website down.When it comes to SEO, page speed is important. A slow loading website or web page will provide a bad experience for the user and will make your site seem untrustworthy. Usually this will lead to users bouncing off your site and clicking the next link in their search engine results. This will then leave you with a high bounce rate affecting your future search rankings.  2. Utilise links from other websites.Link building is a fundamental part of SEO. Including links on your website to other relevant and trustworthy sites will provide a better user experience ultimately leading to improved search results. You can include links to your partners, clients and customer sites or you can include links in your website blog to other relevant content linked to your blog topic.  3. Publish consistent and quality content. Make sure you keep updating your website content. You can do this by regularly updating;Blog/ news sectionPictures, images and video contentProducts & ServicesTeam profiles 4. Keep your URL structure simple and easy to read. Keep your URL structure simple so that the search engine and user can understand what content your page covers. Avoid URL’s that include a list of numbers on the end, for example joeblog/article/2739473 as this will explain nothing about what the article content includes. Remember to try and keep your URL short and sweet.  5. Encourage other partners to link to your website.Inbound linking is also extremely important. Try and encourage your partners, clients and customers to share links to your website on their site. This will help to increase the credibility of your website again leading to higher SEO success.  Sounds good but unsure where to start with this? Don’t worry, we can help! Our team at Areca Design can help with all your SEO requirements, simply contact us today.  

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