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It is no secret that SEO agencies carry a nasty reputation in the business community. Every search engine optimization agency claims to have a “secret sauce” or a special tactic that puts them ahead of the competition. We look at SEO quite a bit differently. We don’t have any secret processes or tactics. In fact, we’re shockingly and refreshingly transparent with our clients. We don’t even have packages. Our search engine optimization program is not magic, it is built entirely on data modeling and scientific experimentation and it works tremendously well. There is no magic here, just results.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use complex algorithms to rank websites. These algorithms are based on large amounts of data and extremely complicated mathematical formulas that take into account elements such as the age of your website, the content on the pages, the quality of the user experience, and even how many other websites link to you to determine the rank for each query.

Data-Driven SEO uses an identical approach to uncover what elements are needed to improve your ranking position. Using known SEO best practices, Google & Microsoft patent data, the results of over 500 single variable experiments, and a variety of other inputs, we have amassed more than 400 ranking factors that are used when Google ranks a page. Our data-driven approach uses computer modeling to analyze how you stack up against your competition for your specific search queries. Our analytical approach will tell us exactly where to improve your website for maximum ranking potential.

One of the biggest complaints against SEO agencies is that customers often feel like they don’t know what is going on. Search Engine Optimization is not only complex, it is also invisible to the untrained eye. Often, it can be hard to see what an SEO agency is doing so it can seem as if they’re not doing anything at all. When working with Zipline you will never have to wonder what is happening or what we’re up to because you have full transparency into our process at all times.

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