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Detailed SEO PowerSuite

My Journey With SEO PoweSuite

Whenever any client contacts me for SEO and online marketing strategies, it’s often because they are not satisfied with their previous SEO agency. And the first thing they say is about their past experience and how they’ve received an over-promising sales pitch that was supposed to include website audits, timely reports, targeted keyword ranking, and backlink opportunities. But simply, the agency failed to deliver what they had initially promised.

And I’m not blaming the SEO agency for their failure. Being involved in the same profession, I understand that SEO deliverables are sometimes the most challenging marketing strategies. Also, there are major conflicts on how these reports should be structured. I struggled on the same path. Back in my initial days as an SEO strategist, I faced numerous bumps and scratches and spent extravagant money searching for the perfect SEO tool.

Until I discovered that single SEO tool that includes everything I need – SEO PowerSuite. The SEO PoweSuite package comprises four effective SEO tools — WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. So, let’s walk down each tool and understand what they offer.

WebSite Auditor – Audit & Optimise Your Site

WebSite Auditor deals with two significant SEO challenges: technical website auditing and webpage optimisation. Here is the complete enlistment of tasks that SEO PoweSuite can handle quite effortlessly.

Execute Technical Audits

Once you begin your project, WebSite Auditor gathers all your site’s resources and scans for technical issues with CSS, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, and more. As an output, you’re presented with an in-depth dashboard compiling several factors including indexing, crawl-ability, redirect & encoding. You also receive respective status marking possible suggestions for optimisation. This unique resource is excellent for quick optimisations and fixing technical issues.

Visualize Your Website’s Structure

The visualisation program in WebSite Auditor develops interactive site maps where you can monitor detailed structures of your website and integration for multiple page. This structure can be presented using depth map, page rankings within your sites, and overall page-views. Moreover, the tool allows editing your site’s structure for further export and applying every necessary changes.

Optimisation Between Your Pages

The transition from an in-depth audit to perfectly optimised individual pages is challenging. This SEO PoweSuite tool provides effective advice on given page’s technical factors and issues. WebSite Auditor also delivers suggestions of appropriate keywords on various elements of your page, including images. And similar to visualisation, the tools allow editing pages in-app for showing how the changes will look like, once applied on your website.

TF-IDF Analysis

WebSite Auditor’s TF-IDF Analysis tool optimizes pages for the relevance of your content topics. While this doesn’t directly impact standard SEO, it can severely affect semantic search optimisation and LSI keywords. This executes an analysis against your top 10 competitors to provide you suggestions about what terms are topically appropriate. As an output, you receive an enlistment of terms, phrases, and keywords with usage recommendations.

Rank Tracker – Target Keywords & Monitor Page Rankings

The foremost task of an effective SEO is finding new keywords and tracking their rankings. Rank Tracker tool in SEO PoweSuite helps you manage these more comfortably and precisely. Let’s now see what Rank Tracker can handle.

Discover & Track Efficient Keywords

When you begin projects on the Rank Tracker, the tool fetches seed keywords directly from your Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Rank Tracker will then provide you 20+ keyword searching tools for gathering new & associated keywords. These include keyword suggestions, keyword combinations, LSI keywords, autocomplete, and your competitors’ keywords.

Related keywords are contained inside the ‘Keyword Sandbox’ where they can be ranked according to their popularity. Rank Tracker also suggests keywords, terms, and factors that might be most appropriate for your business/content. Furthermore, this tool can analyse and rank, depending on search numbers, competition, past and expected visits, CTR, and keyword difficulty.

Develop Keyword Maps

Rank Tracker automatically distributes gathered keywords and groups them according to their LSI branch. This assists in tracking which ones are directly semantic to the targeted keywords and which ones are far off. Users can also edit keyword groups and distribute them among multiple pages.

Configure Rank Distribution Preferences

Although Google is the monopoly, you can select your search engine from the list of 570+ supported ones. You can also configure other parameters such as location, age group, and profession while setting up your site’s rank preferences. Additionally, apart from organic search results, you can track SERP results such as features snippets (meta description), image carousels, and more than dozens of Google search filters.

Once you add competitors into your SEO PoweSuite dashboard, you can also monitor their rankings, side-by-side with yours. Well, the following tool may better help you while spying on your top competitors.

SEO SpyGlass – Execute Backlink Audit

SEO SpyGlass finds all your potential backlinks and audits them to run down any disastrous links for your ranking. Here’s what this tool offer and how you can deal with such poorly optimised backlinks.

Track Down All Your Potential Backlinks

When you begin projects on SpyGlass, the tool gathers possible backlinks for your site. Plus, Google Analytics and Search Console are natively integrated within the software. Thus, you can create more comprehensive backlink profiles by fetching backlinks from such tools.

Spy On Your Competitors

Now here comes the exciting part. On the ground level, SpyGlass enables you tracking down your competitors by merely adding their sites onto your SEO PoweSuite dashboard. You can compare backlink profiles as well for finding out where your links intersect with your competitors’.

Detect Dangerous Links

SEO SpyGlass calculates potential penalty risks for your backlinks and ranks them accordingly. Whenever you detect high penalty risks on your site, you can analyse the including factors that affect negatively on your domain and suggests how you should get rid of those backlinks. The tool also provides contact details of webmasters for reaching them with the request of taking links down. Else, you can disavow malicious links within SEO SpyGlass.

LinkAssist – Build Quality Links

Now that you’ve detected & removed potential backlinks, it’s time for creating quality links. LinkAssist efficiently manages your link-building process by searching for their prospects and understanding their quality. Here are the few steps involved with building quality links with LinkAssist.

Search For Link Prospects

Once you begin projects on LinkAssist, you can immediately search for link prospects with these 12 methods: guest posting, reviews, competitor’s backlinks, blogs, etc. This tool ensures quality metrics (domain authority, Amazon Alexa Rank, domain age, shares, views, and more). These allow you to pinpoint effective links with the highest quality.

Contact Link Prospects

The final tool provides general contact information of potential partners while giving an opportunity to tie-in-business with them. Moreover, you can choose from customizable email templates and track your status within the software. LinkAssist also helps tracking your link profile and whether suitable anchor texts have been used or not.

Software Download & Pricing

SEO PowerSuite was designed for combining immense SEO capabilities with extreme ease of access and straightforwardness. This software really guides and assists you in every challenging SEO task. No techy preps and in-depth SEO knowledge needed. Just configure, set, and go!

SEO PoweSuite is available for just $299 annually and can be grabbed from SEO PoweSuite WebSite. You may also try out the free trial version before purchasing the paid one.

What I Found Helpful In SEO PoweSuite

What I Found Obnoxious

Should You Buy SEO PoweSuite?

The options for high-end & effective SEO management software are endless, but there’s one criterion everybody looks for. And that’s competitive pricing. SEO PoweSuite is priced marginally under the competition, which makes an exceptional choice for starters. The package is quite beefed-up while handling critical SEO tasks and maintaining your site. Once you start using these tools and adapt the learning curve, it’s shockingly simple afterward. Especially for freelancing & startup agencies, SEO PoweSuite is indeed a worthy choice.

Comparison With Others

People were comparing SEO PowerSuite with SEMRush and Moz so I decided to write my experience with these awesome SEO Tools.

SEO PoweSuite vs. SEMrush

I feel this comparison is absolutely unfair. SEO PowerSuite and SEMrush are both SEO toolkits that fulfil multiple SEO aspects: keyword research, rank tracking, backlink research and link building, and content optimisation. Even being priced significantly higher at $840 annually, SEMrush lacks some prominent features such as unlimited projects, keywords, and backlinks.

The software supports only 30 search engines, and these are nothing but Google itself from different regions. You can run 5 campaigns only. No way to import your collection of keywords for research. Limited ranking history. Tracks keyword rankings of domains, not exactly URL. Backlink research still needs depth. All these missing features significantly held back SEMrush.

SEMrush is among the most potent tools for keyword researching, boasts an excellent collection of tools, and offers informative dashboards for analysing sites. SEMrush develops fast, but not as informative as SEO PowerSuite in backlink research & ranking. However SEO PowerSuite is still an affordable option with support for unlimited sites, keywords, and more search engines.

SEO PoweSuite vs. Moz

Moz offers varieties of SEO tools that can help with your website’s SEO. This software is too basic and limited. Moz has limits on everything you wish to track: keywords, rankings, links, and projects. There are no on-demand data checks. You have to wait upto 7 days until your data updates via an automated scan. And the subscription fees of $1200 is merely unbelievable for startups.

Moz is more about education than software. Technically, Moz software is fine for beginners & freelancers. However, this isn’t suitable for serious workload about achieving sustainable SEO success, especially if you’re looking after multiple websites & domains. Concluding this comparison, Moz appear being limited compared to SEO PowerSuite for features, flexibility, and restrictions.

Wrapping Up

As you can understand from this in-depth review, SEO PoweSuite tools are indeed potential enough for covering every aspect of strategic SEO campaign. Everything from keyword researches, link building, backlink targeting and spying on competitors. And certainly, this package features more helpful tools than you would ever require for your business. SEO PoweSuite is definitely something worth trying to make your SEO routine comfortable, lightweight & your clients much more delighted with your deliverables.

Frequently Asked Questions (5)

1. How many licenses are required by me?

SEO PowerSuite is licensed per individual user. That means you need only one license for each person using the complete package of SEO PoweSuite.

2. Can I use SEO PowerSuite on multiple computers with one license?

SEO PowerSuite tools are subject to single-user license agreements. However, you can install an application on multiple computers under the same license key, but you’re limited to using one device at any given point.

For running the software on multiple machines concurrently, you will need to purchase several licenses. There are some money-saving offers you might get benefitted from if you are interested in custom multi-user packages.

3. Does SEO PoweSuite provide Customer Support Services?

All existing Link-Assistant.Com customers and users of the trial versions of SEO PowerSuite software are eligible for free customer support. This means support professionals will respond to your inquiry within one business day. The usual response time is 12 hours but might take longer on weekends and holidays. However, all serious and intense issues are addressed immediately.

4. What is the process of purchasing SEO PowerSuite?

For ordering SEO PowerSuite, you must place your order on the secure online purchase form. Once your payment is successful, an email will be delivered containing your payment details and license key for the software registration.

5. Will my purchase be secure?

Yes! For maximum customers and purchase protection, the order forms on the website are operated from secure servers, utilizing encryption technology and safeguard methods for transactions from unauthorized viewing. Your personal information is kept secure and will not be transferred to third-parties.

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