SEO Myths: Is More Content Better For SEO?

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Some of the most popular questions asked by many of our customers regarding content include:

  • Is more content better for SEO?

  • How often must I publish content to improve my SEO performance?

  • What content topics generate more traffic to a website?

  • What type of content performs better in 2020?

My answer to these questions is always: “It depends.” You must publish the that your target audience needs, in the form that they absorb and on a schedule that works for them. The key here is “Your Target Audience!” And obviously, your message will dictate what you do when publishing content. It is also important to know what search engines require, but the priority is your target audience.

It has been a long-held myth – and this continues until today – that content word-count is a key ranking factor. You can see this in all SEO plugins. But you really don’t need to write 3000 words if your answer to the queries of the users can be fully and adequately given in half the number of words. Otherwise, you would be engaging in useless talk that will make you not look very good.

Your focus must always be to provide a full, comprehensive content. According to Google – watch the video below – search engines are not worried about the number of words. They are concerned with picking the most accurate and most authoritative information for searchers.

In this video, Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google and Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive, discuss to bust the myth about content quantity and SEO ranking.

It is better that you follow this conversation entirely. Meanwhile, here’s the outline of the video. Feel free to skip to the topic of interest to you:

  • Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00) Introduction to the episode (1:07)

  • How much content should I have and to what extent does this help my performance? (1:52)

  • Does having a blog / producing new content help my performance on Google? (03:02)

  • Updating older pieces of content (04:00)

  • Is there any way that Google tells us if there’s ‘too much content’ or maybe that content is under-performing? (04:40)

  • Under-performing content and the overall trustworthiness or authority (05:36)

  • Grouping and consolidation of one’s content (06:19)

  • Is word count a ranking factor? (08:07)

  • Specific keywords and word count (8:39)

  • Auto-generated content & canonicalization (9:32)

  • How does Google determine duplicate content? (11:35)

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This Blog Post was originally from and written by Hal On’Untu Ngoy.

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