Seo Kang Joon Keeps His Sweet Promise To The Late Comedian Park Ji Sun – JazmineMedia

Seo Kang Joon is known for being a man of his words and he proved that once again recently.

On October 11, the late comedian Park Ji Sun had hosted Seo Kang Joon’s online fan meeting event, during the event she talked about how he’s known for keeping promises and brought up an example of a promise they had made which he fulfilled last year, this year, she asked him to promise her to upload a selfie with his cats on the first day of snow, he promised her he’d do that.

On December 13, it snowed for the first time in Seoul, and as promised, Seo Kang Joon uploaded photos, one a selfie and another one of his cats. Fans remembered the promise they had agreed on before her passing.

Park Ji Sun and her mother passed away in November. May they rest in peace.

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