SEO for Solopreneurs – What You Need To Know – entreTools

First, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a certain mindset and knowledge about the players in the game. These players can be placed into three different groups.

The SEs listen to what the consumer requests, puts an interpretation on it, and provides results they think the consumer will be happy with. The search engines don’t know exactly what the consumer is looking for, so they must interpret. They interpret the actual search phrase entered by the consumer, context in which the search is made, symantec meanings of words, and also the actions taken by the consumer.

There are many different types of content providers, each with their own niche, objective, and methods. Travel bloggers, self-help sites, news outlets, ecomm stores, and political commentary are all forms of content providers. Some may focus on written word to deliver the content, while others may focus on video or podcasts. But when publishing the content there is one primary goal – to get consumers to digest the content.

The consumers, well, they consume.  Information is what they consume; in all different forms.  Written text, audio, video, images, and in all combinations. They ask for what they want by typing a search into the browser, and also by clicking on links that they think may supply the information they are looking for. Rejecting and consuming the information as they click to various pages on the internet provides more hints as to what they are looking for. 

These three groups of players interact with, and depend on, each other in a revolving circle of demand, supply, and feedback. Each supplies a critical requirement to the relationship, and relies upon one or both of the other players to fullfil that requirement.

So how do content providers optimize this interaction? That is the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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