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Frugal or Free Summer Activities

Summer is FINALLY here and I am loving it!  I love the warm weather, the awesome colors, and the fact my kids are out of school so we can hang out! Yay!

The flip side to that is the fact that sometimes if my family and I don’t plan well, we can get a little bored. To help off set that I decided to plan ahead – a concept to me which is foreign – lol.  Along with that, as Divas, we decided it might be high time to round up over 100 of our best summer activities for our readers (and us) to enjoy. Some of these ideas will also be FREE summer activities! Nothing beats free. 😉

We found ideas for every person’s needs…fun summer activities at home, fun summer activities for adults, cheap summer activities, and TONS of our best summer activities for kids  – no doubt, you will find your must-dos for your summer activities list.  Below you will find…

With this list of  TONS of our best summer activities and free summer activities, you are guaranteed to find out exactly what you want to put on your summer activities list!

As a bonus we had the ever talented Crystal of A Well Feathered Nest create an amazing printable summer activities list for you.  Read through all the items we have found, pick your favorites and you can type them into your printable – or just print it and fill it out. She even left a blank space for you to fill in with the dates you want to use the list or fill it out by category (for example: if your category is out & about ideas, then you fill the bucket list in accordingly). Crystal is so great to work with and I want to shout my thanks for this gorgeous printable!

Free and Cheap Outdoor Activities

Summer is all about being outdoors and soaking in the sun! Have fun with this list of our best summer activities for outdoors! They are sure to impress. We have brought together ideas for not only kids, but couples as well. These ideas are all SO good, that you may even fill your entire summer activities list with ALL these amazing ideas! 😉

Free Summer Activities for the Outdoors

Enjoy Taking a Walk as a Free Summer Activity

Free or Cheap Summer Food Activities

Summer isn’t summer without amazing food. We have brought together some yummy recipes to enjoy and also some to have fun making as a family. These food activities are perfect for fun summer activities at home. These fun food filled activities are sure to get your summer rolling! They will keep your kiddos entertained, while also keeping their bellies happy and full!

Add These Food Ideas to your Summer Activities List

Free or Cheap Summer Activities For Couples

Sometimes the summer can seem consumed in activities for your children, but every couple needs some fun activities to do together during the summer as well – let this list plan all your activities for you! Create your own summer activities list with your sweetie to keep the spark alive! You won’t be disappointed with these fun summer activities for adults!

Free Summer Activities for Couples

Free or Cheap Summer Activities With Kids

We all know it isn’t easy keeping kids entertained all summer long! Let your kids pick their favorites on this list to help your summer be filled with tons to do. We brought tons of ideas together, all the way from forts indoors to painting with ice cubes. Boredom won’t even exist in your house with these ideas!

Free Summer Activities For The Outdoors and Date Night

Free or Cheap Summer Crafty Activities

I am not a crafty person, but my kids LOVE crafts – so once in a while I do them just for them! This list of summer crafty ideas made me so excited to get my hands messy and creating something new. All the items on this list seem like something even I can conquer and have fun doing it! Your kiddos will love you for these fun activities.

Fun Summer Activities at Home with the Kids

Free or Cheap Thrill-Seeker Activities

Get your heart racing this summer with this summer list of thrills! My husband and I love adrenaline rushes. These ideas are full of adrenaline and are the best summer activities! We also were sure to include some free summer activities in this thrilling list we brought together.

Free Summer Activities for your Summer Activities List

Free or Cheap Nostalgic Summer Activities

Dancing in the rain, merry go rounds, skipping rocks….sometimes reminiscing on the good ‘ol days is just what is needed to bring a smile to your face. You will have a blast trying these fun ideas this summer and keeping the traditions alive for your kids. Some of the best summer activities are just one click away with this awesome list. 😉

Nostalgic Fun Summer Activities for Adults

Free or Cheap Out & About Summer Activities

Once in a while it’s great to just get out of the house and have a blast out & about! We have linked up TONS of fun free summer activities that will get you out of the house! Roller skating, strolling around the farmers market, going to a baseball game, you name it – we got it here! You sure won’t be bored with this list. 🙂

Best Summer Activities for Out and About

Free Summer Activities Out and About

Didn’t this summer activities list just blow you away?! So many of our best summer activities all in one place- you can’t ask for anything more! If you want some more awesome ideas for your summer check out these amazing summer date ideas or these rainy day activities – because it will rain at least once this summer!

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