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Before designing a brand new web page, website or blog, there is a lot to think about. Some things you may consider include whether or not you have chosen the right niche to focus on. Have you organized your content in a manner that works well for SEO? Also, have you chosen a URL that makes it easy for search engines to find and rank your website?

Search engine optimization of web site design is easy if you know what to do. Even if you have done all of the planning and preparation that you can to guarantee a functional website, you must consider the needs of search engine spiders and SEO.

The beginning step is to build your web site in html and use cascading style sheets (CSS). Style sheets keeps your code to a minimum and helps to provide a consistent look across your website. The design of your site needs to be clean while providing easy to use navigation.

Make sure that each of your web pages uses unique meta tags. Your meta tags should include the site keywords you are optimizing for. The meta tags signal the search engine spiders as to the type of content contained within your site. Your web site template should always place your keyword phrase at the top of your page and end of your page.

One simple way to apply this technique is by beginning your title tag with a keyword phrase. Additionally, include a copyright notice followed by your keyword phrase in a clean simple flow. One example is Copyright 2009. WebmastersBookofSecrets.com Marketing Expert. Marketing expert in this example is the keyword and is the last text on your page.

Here are some additional SEO design tips that can help improve rankings. First, include your keyword phrase in an H1 header. Next, keep your keyword density between 5 and 6 percent and finally, treat your keyword phrase is in bold, italic, and underline at least once per page.

By using simple seo design techniques that help expose your keyword phrase to search engine spiders and making each page simple to scan, your website ranking will be improved. To take advantage of seo design, keep things simple and the results will follow.

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