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If you came across this article without knowing what SEO is, it’s fine. The field of SEO has been gaining momentum in recent years but still not all businesses understand the power that lies within it. SEO is the result of what webmasters do, and only in Israel is this name used, abroad and in other languages it is called SEO and it means Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization. Webmasters need to understand how search engines work, and know what Google (or any Another Search Engine) Rank the sites and know what to display on the first page, and who will be the one to appear in the first result, and why is it important? To learn more about SEO, click here.

Because according to Google studies, today about 75% of clicks reach the places of the first three places in Google, and only about 0.78% of the surfers who use the Google search engine click on results from the second page. This is why every business needs to have a website that is on the first page of Google.

How to know if I need sponsored promotion or organic promotion

Sponsored promotion refers to those sites that you see appear first in Google but with the word ad next to:

Sponsored vs. Organic Promotion

These results appear above the first results on the Google search results page, and are results that you have to pay for in order to appear there. In professional language you may know the sponsored promotion as PPC which is Pay Per Click, and in sponsored website promotion you pay Google for every entry of a surfer who enters through the ads that appear first (Google sometimes places them at the bottom of the search page as well). The problem with sponsored promotion is of course the budget, which you pay for anyone who enters through Google’s link, even if he entered by mistake or decided he did not want to stay on your site, so I recommend organic SEO especially for small businesses with a less blown budget. Organic Google SEO refers to the internal work on the site – optimizing the content, tagging images, making the site optimal for Google, and also the external work of the site – which refers to the links and managing the site’s reputation, so that Google knows how to rank the sites.

Is SEO suitable for small businesses?

Many small businesses are run by just one person doing everything, or having a small group of employees. Either way, there are many challenges for any business, especially if it is a small business, and one of the challenges is branding and advertising. The world has changed and we are in the midst of digitalization where everything goes digital, marketing has gone digital and if in the past to advertise your business you had to pay a local newspaper to publish your name or maybe get on the radio or do a TV commercial, but today the whole world is digital and social media.

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