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13. Content Analysis

Have you ever heard of content pruning? This strategy involves finding pages with low-quality content and removing them from the website. Google values quality content that responds to user needs, so sometimes removing some pages that aren’t relevant and don’t drive web traffic can bring a lot of good.

When you’ll be analyzing the content on your website and company blog, ask yourself these questions:

How to analyze content?

There are actually lots of SEO content analysis tools that will come in handy for you. Personally, I recommend the following tools:

14. User Experience (UX) Signals

If you provide the best user experience, you will boost your SEO. It’s absolutely true! Google has confirmed that the new algorithm, Page Experience, will be introduced in May 2021 and from now on user experience signals will be one of the ranking factors. So if your users are not fully satisfied with your site, it will affect your position in the search results.

So you should analyze how users interact with your website and based on that optimize your site for UX signals. Analyze the following metrics:

How to analyze UX signals?

You can find all the data on UX signals you need on your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.

Bounce rate:

The bounce rate column can be found in almost every report in Google Analytics:

Organic CTR:

To check organic CTR, go to your Google Search Console account. You can check the average CTR in the Performance report.

To sum up

Conducting an SEO audit is a great starting point before developing a long-term SEO campaign. So, if you want your optimization process to bring the best possible results and increase your visibility in search results, you must first find out what exactly needs to be optimized – and that’s where an SEO audit does its job.

I hope that with my 14-step SEO audit checklist for 2021, you will be able to evaluate your site performance.If you want your SEO audit to be conducted by experienced experts who will prepare an effective data-driven SEO strategy for you, contact us. Our SEO specialists will be happy to help!

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