SEO Agency Pakistan | Best SEO Trends to Follow After Corona Virus Outbreak

Coronavirus is creating an extreme change in the world by increasing overwhelm and confusion in certain businesses. Search Engine Optimization SEO experts are no exception when it comes to facing brutal challenges related to COVID-19 spread. The search community around the globe is heading towards new treads on Google. In these months, new Google SEO trends will be more important to follow than in any other month. When we use the term search trends, we mean the Google trends as the professionals go through a massive change due to Coronavirus epidemic.

Google Search Trends are Shifting Rapidly

One Search Engine Journal SEJ expert author Lilly Jay observed that in March 2020, Google SEO trends have changed that marketers should consider more rapidly than ever before keeping their game up to date. Getting into Google trends is important for all SEO professionals because everything is going to change in the marketing world due to the widespread of this epidemic. On Google, a best way to discover new insights is to view different time phases like a time phase and use the time settings to view the differences across your region such as one year or three months.

That will better help you understand what people are doing in your area or country and how their moods and interests are changing with the changing times. However, Google does not provide any tool for time lapse; it is something professionals can create for themselves. For example, you can show the progression on Twitter from the past 12 to 8 months how people slowly turned away from bakery items towards the baking bread. In Spain and other European countries, toilet paper is also trending higher. Moreover, going online for yoga classes is also surging higher than ever before than going to a yoga club. Therefore, during the time of upheaval of disease, it is beneficial for the marketers to keep an eye on the changing trends more often than usual.

How Google Trends Help to Understand SEO

Like we mentioned, now is the best time to dive deeper into Google trends because the time is changing dramatically. Google trends can help SEO professionals understand and make sense of many things regarding the current happenings. For example, if you are running a recipe blog, then offering the pancake classes won’t help you much in the turbulent times. However, a new strategy may help you that allow you to switch from pancake classes to more home and family friendly recipes to help people cook at home. This will be a useful strategy if you offer a bulk of recipes and cooking items for serving in the dinner and lunch.

SEO expert Neil Patel also suggests that exploring Google trends now is more important than ever. For example, if your site reviews other’s products, then there is a chance you also run a You Tube channel related to beauty items that women crave. This moment however calls for content that is related to self-grooming at home rather than getting a makeup in a beauty parlor. There is a lot of insight hidden in these sorts of trends if you can use them to your advantage and boost your SEO.

Why you should stay at the Forefront of Google Trends

The Coronavirus situation is changing on daily basis and the world is not able to fully comprehend its future. This situation can also leave you feeling lost and confused about your business’s future. So you better start thinking strategically in the middle of COVID-19 outbreak and start working to improve your SEO.

Since more and more people are now staying home and searching products online, your job as an SEO professional is to monitor their trends and habits. This way, you can stay at the top of data game that can help you recognize the trends relevant to your business. You can strategically change your content marketing strategy to focus your content on these topics now; therefore, when sales of normal products or services go higher again in the future, you will be ready to adjust your content accordantly.

Monitor Google Search Console and Keywords Rankings

Your SEO content should be out there according to what people need and provide them a source of relief instead of confusion.  You should use the third party tools and Google Search Console that changes more closely than you generally observe. In these times, the shift in the people’s interest can be greatly observed. If you are not monitoring this trend closely, then you will create SEO content and strategies according to your old knowledge.

Create your Content Bank Wisely

Since customers behaviors are shifting with their psychology during the troubled time, this huge epidemic will cause many global customers to search for different items and behave differently than before. Like everyone else sitting home, now you have the right time to think about what kind of content you should create to add more value to your customer’s lives. While this content may not be able to grab millions of clients in the beginning, you can certainly create a content funnel that can help customers meet their future needs.

Hire the Top SEO Talent into your Firm

Don’t get us wrong, we know many companies are closing their doors for new individuals and delaying their recruitment plans till unspecified future dates. The sad truth about the Coronavirus outbreak is that businesses are closing their doors for many talented SEO professionals who find nowhere to turn to in the middle of this economic crisis. Top SEO talent who is loyal and skilful may find them without a job or even an interview to land a job. In this case, if you are the one who has the power to hire online, then create a plan to attract the top SEO talent into your organization.

That strategy will help you in many ways. First, it will maintain the confidence and trust of talented individuals and show them a way to polish their skills with you. On top of that, it will allow your firm a great opportunity to make connections with industry’s brightest minds.

Embrace New Data Strategies

In addition to creating a content funnel for your customers, you should focus on Google trends to have more data as people are changing their searching trends. Depending on your products and services, you can turn the traffic into sales because more people are searching for your products than ever before. Have you seen an unusual surge in the search of your products in the past few weeks? This could mean a huge benefit in terms of profits. Therefore, now is the bee’s time to use a data collection method or strategy and dive deeper into the website to attract more customers searching for your products?

Other Things to Think for SEO Professionals

Now you can further enhance your SEO game during COVID-19 spread by thinking beyond content and use your time wisely. While content creation is the vital task for SEO professionals, you should also focus on SEO as a whole including:

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