SEO Agency Pakistan | 9 Great Search Engines to use in 2020: Best Google Alternatives for Marketers

Google has developed into a technology giant than just a search engine in the 90s. Now the word “Google” is known to almost every single person on this planet to help them search their favorite products and services. For marketers, Google is king because it keeps changing its algorithms to keep marketers on their toes to improve their advertising efforts. No doubt that Google search provides results that no other search engines can provide, but is it the truth of a common misconception among billions of people who only turn to Google for solution of their personal and business problems?

If you are bored or using Google everyday or just craving a taste of another search engine to provide you the same powerful search results and services, then here is a list of best Google alternatives to have an awesome search experience.

1: Bing

In addition to Google, Microsoft is the second most popular and successful technology corporation in the world. The Search Engine Journal’s 2020 report shows that in the United States, Microsoft sites handled a quarter of all search queries which proves that their search engine BING (previously known as MSN) outperforms Google in several aspects. The great news about Bing is that it offers you points if you are a first time user; you can use those points while going to Microsoft Stores or Windows Stores.

Moreover, Bing also provides an image and video search that is more robust compared to Google. The image search provides a GUI that looks better and comfortable to the users who search images on Google. It also helps you to conduct a good video search without using You Tube. If you are not satisfied with Google search features or tools, then try Bing that should be your top Google alternative search engine.  

2: Yandex

 All the people in the United States maybe considering Google or Microsoft as their favorite search engine companies, however, if you are from Asia or Russian Federation, Yandex is a great search engine that is used by nearly 50% of Russian Internet users.

Yandex is also famous in many European countries including Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Why? Because Yandex comes with features and tools that are user-friendly for a person of any age. You can search websites, consent, videos and photos and nearly get the same results as Bing or Google. However, the results may vary according to your specific country’s location.

3: StartPage

StartPage is a separate search engine; however, it brings answers from Google that makes it a great option for those people who are already in love with Google and its search results. However, StartPage does not allow you like Google to have their search history tracked, therefore, for privacy conscious users; it is also a great search engine to lighten up their day.

StartPage also includes a URL generator and a proxy service. It provides HTTPS support similar to Google and the URL generator is beneficial because there is no more need for collecting cookies. Rather, URL generator helps to remember your settings than to store cookies on your computers. This search engine can be a great choice for those who like privacy and hate cookie files.

4: One Search

One Search is a relatively new search engine compared to its other competitors like Google and Microsoft which started long ago. One Search was launched in January 2020. It offers some great alternate features like no cookie tracking like Google. It also ensures that it shares no personal data of users and avoids privacy scandals like Face book.

One Search is completely unbiased search engine that offers you unfiltered search results and encrypted content you crave for your business needs. Therefore, One Search is a good alternative for people looking to get away from Google.

4: Wiki.com

There are thousands of wikis on the Internet, which is why Wiki.com brings its search results from all those wikis on the World Wide Web. In many ways, Wiki.com is a brilliant search engine for those people who are interested in community-led information and get the information from Wikipedia and other similar places.

5: GiveWater

GiveWater is also a relatively new social impact search engine for the global users to solve the most pressing social problem on the planet. Yes, the problem for millions of people is water availability that deteriorates the lives of citizens in many continents. The users can feel empowered by using GiveWater search engine that aims to solve the problem of poor water quality in the developing countries. The search engine was founded by the company’s CEO because they wanted to make an impact in the world.

6: Twitter

In addition to a most influential social marketing and communications platform, Twitter founded in the United States is another great search engine which provides people minute by minute latest news and updates on any topic or search globally. You can also get emergency updates and tips from Twitter anytime around the clock. In the current days, nothing can beat the information of Twitter to combat the menace of COVID-19 to help people stay quarantined and protected.

7: SlideShare

SlideShare is another great option when you are interested in searching the world’s best and high-quality slideshows and presentations to boost your knowledge. SlideShare is a great search engine that allows you to not only find presentations but also PDFs and eBooks online to grow your business. If you need to create a business presentation or research for your thesis, then there is no better search engine than SlideShare to use on your computer or phone.

8: Internet Archive

When you search Google for old websites and materials, you have to type in the specific details or dates to find the desired content. As the name suggests here, Internet Archive is a machine that helps you to query and search a giant collection of online documents and databases to find anything or everything including music, old books, videos, and software.

The Internet Archive is a huge database or library available to citizens in any country where they can access and download anything they can imagine to spruce up their lives.

9: Yahoo

Last but not the least, we talk about Yahoo. So far, many search engines have been discussed but how can we forget the oldest search engine on the Internet. Yahoo has been around before Google was invented that was used extensively in the 1990s and early 2000s by the global community for search queries. Yahoo ranks still higher in the list of best search engines after Bing and Google, the incredible features include news service, online shopping, games center, travel directory, Sports, and much more.

Yahoo is also integrated with Flickr to provide the best images on the planet to users in need of images. Yahoo also offers Yahoo Answers to bring a load of information to young and old people to discuss any issues related to any topic. Moreover, if you need a more private and a search engine with vast tools, then you should use Yahoo instead of Google.

There we go folks, here is out list of the world’s most popular search engines to help you achieve your information goals in any field of life. Don’t worry if you can’t rely on Google or just need a taste of a new search engine, these options will serve your needs even better than Google.

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