Secret Benefits: SEO Manager / Cupid ❤️

Headquarters: The World

URL: https://www.secretbenefits.com/

Sharpen your arrows, help people find us, then find love, or at least a date. Secret Benefits is a popular dating site loved by millions. We’re talented but don’t know SEO. It’s now a focus so come build from the ground up with all the resources you need.

Our team is fully remote, spread globally, with the core having been together many years. We get shit done but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We despise meetings as much as you, and judge on your work, not your eloquence. We’ve got no red-tape so you can think deeply and create.

You’ll be our in-house SEO expert, sharing ideas directly with the founders, then the dev and content teams to get them launched, and finally the data team to help you make sense of the results. You can focus on the high yield work of research, planning and analysing. 

We want help with all aspects of SEO, including keyword discovery, website architecture, linking, content and other technical factors. If there’s something you can’t do yourself, help us source it. Bring your years of experience and scars that remind you to stay humble before the almighty Google.

Come to us if you want to work on a growing product for the long-term, with people who appreciate you. To see your visions realised and your skills grow through real-world testing. Come because you understand product as well as SEO. That there’s no point bringing people to a page that doesn’t convert, and it’s no fun leading horses to water when they want cold-pressed apple juice.

If you’re an SEO expert with a track record, we’d love to hear how you can help. 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/secret-benefits-seo-manager-cupid

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