Rise of Visual Search – Something New in SEO in 2021

Visual Search is finally happening in 2021. Once you start using it in your SEO practices, you will find it rather useful for acquiring and engaging customers. Can your SEO agency in Delhi optimize your website for Visual Search? DIInfotech can. Let’s talk about it. 

What is Visual Search? Will it be a Game Changer?

Google Lens and Pinterest are two of the prime examples of Visual Search.

They work fantastically well. You can scan and retrieve information on anything that Google Lens focuses. Did you know Google Lens can recognize 1 billion objects? That’s great. You also have Bing’s Visual Search, which is pretty good too.

So, what is it?

You open your smartphone camera, tap Google Lens, and focus on any object in your room. It will show suggestions based on what it sees – if its text, then Google will ask if you would like to translate or copy the text. If it’s an object, say a sofa, the tool will probably show results containing images of a couch, online shopping links, sofa manufacturers near you, and so on. 

Visual Search could be super useful for translation, getting information, Google Maps direction, shopping, recipes, tracing landmarks, business listings, and more. 

We live in the millennial time, which means 60% of your consumers are hardcore internet users and youngsters. Which is probably why 62% of Gen Z customers have asked for visual Search in website optimization.

Best SEO Services in Delhi – How to Optimize Business for Visual Search 

Buying decision always has a pattern – people get inspired by something, say a relative’s dress. And then search it on various ecommerce sites. It will be helpful if you readily offer something very similar or exact to their inspiration. This is otherwise called cross-selling.

Best Old SEO practices for Images will come to your rescue to optimize your site for visual Search. DIInfotech’s aim will be to provide the search engine all relevant and possible information about your image. They include:

– The website images should be clear, without clutter (they are readable with correct background, lighting, and effect)

– Website must be fast loading and responsive, especially for images. 

– Must contain the right kind of data markup for different types of visual data. Talk to the best SEO agency in Delhi.

– The image’s surrounding text should be relevant and informative.

– Must optimize tags and alt-tags for indexing. 

– Add the right name for the image. 

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