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SEO Strategy for Financial & Investment Advisory Firms

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting your website to show up in the Organic (FREE / Non-PPC) section of the search engines. There are specific things that you can do both on and off your website to ensure that you show up when someone types “financial advisor + [Your City]” into Google, Yahoo or Bing. In all of our years working with Financial Planners & Investment Advisors in some of the most competitive markets in the United States, we have developed a proven strategy that consistently gets our clients to the top of the search engines and we are sharing it with you in this section.

Step 1 – Build out your website & obtain more place holders on the major search engines

A typical financial advisor site has only 5-6 pages:


That does not create a lot of indexation or place holders on the major search engines. Most financial advisory firms provide a wide variety of services including estate planning, business succession planning, asset protection, etc just to name a few.

By BUILDING out the website and creating separate pages for each of these services (combined with city modifiers), you can get listed on the search engines for each of those different keyword combinations. Here is an example:


Financial planners and wealth managers often provide services in a large number of cities outside their primary city. In order to be found on the major search engines for EACH of those sub-cities, additional pages need to be created.

Going back to our Miami area example, create subpages for each sub-city/suburb serviced:


Step 2 – Optimize Pages for Search Engines:

Once the pages are built for each of your core services, each of the pages need to be optimized from an SEO perspective so that the search engines understand what the page is about and list you for those words. Here are some of the most important items that need to be addressed for on-page search engine optimization:


Typical Financial Advisor Website Title Tag:

SEO Optimized Title Tag:

Miami Financial Advisor | Strategic Wealth Management | Family Estate Planning In Miami

If you do just one thing today to start optimizing your website, make sure you work on your title tags. Make sure that you DO NOT use the same title tag on each page.

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