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Microcontrollers are becoming increasingly popular with their application in various prototyping IoT solutions. Raspberry Pi 4 is one such device that was recently released with some major upgrades over its previous iteration. Nvidia Jetson Nano also provides a board that has similar features. In comparison, it was observed that Nano has a better dedicated GPU. But is there any other significant difference between the two? In this article, we compare Nvidia Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi 4 in detail.

The Raspberry Pi is a famous computer and IoT development board. It is powerful and efficient at the same time making it one of the best tools in the market for prototyping and building IoT devices.

Raspberry Pi 4 released starting at $35: Specs and features There are some major upgrades the features of Raspberry Pi 4 as compared to the previous version — Raspberry Pi 3.

Nvidia is well known for a few different IoT boards. The Nvidia Jetson Nano is their latest board, which is available as a developer kit. It contains all the things required to use it for prototyping…

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