Nicepage 2.20: July 15, 2020 – SEO: Image Lazy Loading. WEBP Images – Nicepage Documentation

What’s New In This Update?

Tabs Element Released

New Border Style for Tabs

We have added the new styling for the Tab Border.

Tabs Background and Border

We have added two more properties for the Tabs Element.

Add Tab

We have added the option of adding a new tab. Now there is no need to duplicate an existing one.

Multi-Selection in Tab Item

Now you can make a multi-selection in the Tab Item with a mouse.

New Tabs Styles

We have added new Block Styles for the Tabs Category.

Inline Inputs in Contact Form

Many users have asked about how to put inputs in the Contact Form in one line.

Now you can put Contact Form’s inputs inline.

Link Color and Style in Text

We have added the feature to edit the Link Color and Style in the Text Element.

The existing links do not support this feature and work as Text. Only new links will have this new option.

Menu Border Options

We have added the states for the Menu Border. You can set borders differently, for example, the Active and Hover Border without setting the Default one.

New Menu Presets

New Menu styling allowed to present new Presets for the Menu.

Table Cell Size

Now you can set the Cell Size for a Table Cell, several Cells, or for all Table Cells if you select all Table Cells.

Using Buttons in Table Cells

We have added the feature of inserting Buttons to Table Cells. Add a Link to a Cell, change the Link Style to the Button.

SEO: Image Lazy Loading

We have implemented the Image Lazy Loading, which is useful for the SEO. The image downloading is triggered online if needed: after a specific interaction, for example, scrolling.

Video Upload

For the Nicepage Application, we have added the Video Uploading.

WEBP Images

WebP is an image format developed by Google in 2010. It is an alternative to formats like PNG and JPG, producing much smaller file sizes while maintaining similar image qualities. We have supported the Google WEBP format for images since it becomes more and more popular, and many users use it.

There is no automatic resize for this file type. Therefore we have limited the size of uploaded WEBP files to 3 MB.

New Product Designs

We have added new Blocks for the Products Category.

We have also added new Designs for this Category.

Search in Documentation

We have added the search in documents to help you find the required information right from the Nicepage Applications or Plugins.

Help in Add List

We have also added the Help option in the Add List, which should also allow you to get the needed information faster.

Add Elements Improvements

We have added the hovering for the Advanced Elements, like List Repeater, Table, and other. It allows you to preview this Element without adding.

Work In Process

We are continuing to work on the new Carousel Element. We are also continually improving the existing feature as a result of our ongoing usability testing.

Nicepage University

We have added the new video about making a Menu with the Nicepage Application for the Nicepage University.

Fixed Issues

Block and Page Designs

We have designed new blocks and page templates for this update.


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