Nexmo Motion Graphics Infographic

Nexmo is the Vonage Api platform: Essentially, they make communication tools that connect people to people. These tools plug directly into a company’s website or app- If you’re using a chat app within Airbnb, that’s an api. With this Nexmo mixed-media animation we wanted to focus on the human touch aspect of communication. The idea of that an api is already technical and impersonal, so we wanted to counter that by working with real objects and people, live action, stop motion in combination with illustrative digital elements to give the technology a story and a soul.

Client: Vonage
Agency: York & Chapel
Directed by: Chad Thompson
Art Direction + Illustration: Michelle Ouellette
3D Animation: Edgar Ferrer, Oliver Dead, Andrew Embury, Chad Thompson
2D Animation: Sebastián Muñoz, Chad Thompson, Andrew Embury, Oliver Dead
Character Animation: Jose Moreno
Stop Motion + Live Action: Chad Thompson, Nicole Finateri
3D Modeling: Oliver Dead, Edgar Ferrer, Andrew Embury
Music: Cool Car Music
Sound Design: Yeah Haus

Motion is an library that collect the internet’s best motion graphics, 3D modelling and animations.

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Nexmo Motion Graphics Infographic

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