Navigating COVID-19 and Social Media Marketing

DVFlora customers,

While the country moves through this difficult time, please be aware that we at DVFlora are committed to being there for you every step of the way.  We are purchasing product from our suppliers and the majority, but not all is flowing through the supply chain.  We ask that you be patient and open-minded regarding availability as we adjust to the current situation.  That being said, we still have fresh shipments arriving daily from South America, California, and other domestic regions.  As always, you can find all of your needs online at dvflora.com  or via your DV Sales Associate


To further help you, we have constructed a list of tips from the Society of American Florists (SAF) and included some social media marketing material that you can use to promote #calm and continue to spread happiness through flowers.

  • As social distancing keeps us apart, flowers are a safe and joyful way to connect.
  • That same study also showed that the presence of flowers helps reduce worry and anxiety.

Social Media Images

Feel free to download any of the images below to post on your social media pages.  In your caption, we suggest you let your followers know that you are open for business and can offer doorstep delivery.  You can also reference some of the articles above to let people know how much of a positive impact flowers can have on their well-being.

If your business is unfortunately closed, it’s still important that you continue to connect with your community.  Assure them that things will return to normal and you will be there to help with their next event.  As small business owners, we should pull together to spread the message of #CALM and to support their local community during these difficult times.

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