4 Tips For Restaurant Social Media Marketing Using Instagram

4 Tips For Instagram Restaurant Social Media Marketing

can really make or break your success. The internet at large, but social media specifically, is now how people find out about new restaurants and decide which one they want to eat at on a given day. Instagram, in particular, is an especially important social media account for restaurants to have.

As explains, Instagram “has 130 million active users per month with over 45 million photo uploads per day,” and a good portion of that has to do with food. “Setting up an Instagram account for your restaurant not only allows you to share enticing images of your food but creates a space to interact with customers before and after they leave your establishment.”

Did we convince you to get started? Great! Follow these 4 Instagram tips and you’ll be a pro in no time.

1- Keep your restaurant’s social media active

The worst thing you can do is set up an Instagram account, post three times, and never touch it again. It can give the impression that your restaurant is struggling or never go off the ground. Make sure you or someone on your team has enough bandwidth to take Instagram on and run it effectively.

2- Make your account searchable

In order for people to find you and for customers to walk through your doors, you have to be able to be found in the sea of millions of Instagram users. It might sound impossible, but it certainly is not. All you have to do is make sure to use geotags (just adding the city or location of your restaurant every time you post) and relevant hashtags (#foodporn) will get you in front of the right users.

Instagram has changed the restaurant industry, don’t be left behind. Get your strategy in place.

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3- Interact with other accounts

Instagram isn’t just about posting photos and walking away. In order to expand your reach, you have to comment on and like other people’s photos and follow other accounts as well. They don’t all have to be food related specifically, but the more “on brand” you can stay in your interactions, the more you’re likely to be seen by the food-related users you want.

You’ll also want to make sure that you interact with your followers, too. They’re the people who already like you—this is a quick and easy way to make sure they keep coming back. It can be as simple as following them back, replying to their comments, and liking the photos they post. Plus, every time you pop up on a user’s feed, it’s a reminder of how great your food is and how much they want to go back.

4- Integrate your Instagram account with other accounts

Just because Instagram is a photo-sharing platform specifically doesn’t mean that you can’t post those photos on your restaurant’s Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat accounts too and vice versa. If you’ve got a great post on Twitter, screenshot it and post it on your Instagram account. Make sure to list in your Instagram bio that you can be found on other social media, too.


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