Monthly Site Traffic Increased by 3000% – Our SEO Case Study

We Increased The Number of Organic Keywords By 23 Times

Increasing the number of organic keywords is one of the main tasks in website promotion. It is the keywords that help to get additional organic traffic to the website. But what are organic keywords?

Organic keywords are search terms used by people to search for information online that can be seen in search engines. All keywords for promotion are selected during the stage of building a keyword map. Further success is dependent on how well the keywords were selected.

After we started publishing new content and optimizing the current content on the site, the pages began to become more visible in search engines and the site received a significant share of traffic for new keywords. The optimization of blog articles on the site played a very important role. You can see the growth in organic keywords in the following screenshot:

An increase in the total number of keywords indicates a positive dynamics for promotion, but a much more important indicator is the number of keywords in the TOP-3 and TOP-10. It is these queries that bring in most results.

To achieve even better results, we regularly conduct competitor analysis and work on improving keyword positions. The keywords that surpassed competition are shown below (the promotion has been going on throughout the US):

Below you can see examples of keywords that bring the most traffic:

So, How Has Organic Traffic Grown Compared to the Beginning of The Year?

The rise in organic searches to the top 10 is always followed by an increase in organic traffic. We track organic traffic to the site using the most popular and well-known SEO tool – Google Analytics.

In order to compare the growth rate of organic traffic, we chose two periods: the beginning and end of the last year aka the year we started working on the client’s site: Mar 1 – July 31, 2020 and Aug 1 – Dec 31, 2020.

As you can see in the screenshot from Google Analytics, the organic traffic has increased by over 3189%!

The client has a sufficient number of traffic channels. Visitors come to the client’s website through direct searches, referral links, and social networks. Still, the main channel for attracting visitors is free organic traffic, which indicates that the SEO campaign is effective.

We have achieved all our original goals. We are continuing to work on the site and will do everything we can to bring even more results for our client.

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