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search engine optimization (SEO) for other devices

When considering how to configure a website for mobile device users, users who use tablet devices to access the website should generally be

considered. For building a website that is easy for search engines to search and optimized for tablets, although we have not given specific suggestions, we provide some tips below, hoping to help you build a variety of users (desktop users, Smartphone users, and tablet users).

Adaptive design

We usually recommend the adaptive design. This means that the website will provide the same HTML code to all devices, and optimize the website interface according to different CSS style rules to provide the most ideal operating environment for desktop devices, smartphones and tablets.

Tablets and smartphones have different sizes and screen resolutions, so if your website uses adaptive design, please test it on various tablets to ensure that it can correctly render web pages content.

Device-specific content

Websites can return different web pages for different devices (for example, different HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). These webpages can provide content through the same URL (a configuration called “Dynamic Provisioning Content”) or through different dedicated URLs.

If your website provides different webpages for desktop users and smartphone users, and there is no webpage dedicated to tablets, in our experience, tablet users usually prefer to see the desktop version of the website instead of the Smartphone version of the webpage.

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SEO Concept Science

Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, refers to a technique that uses search engine rules to improve the natural ranking of web pages (including websites) in relevant search engines.

Here we need to distinguish between SEO and SEM. SEM is Search Engine Marketing. Translated is search engine marketing. Straightforwardly, it refers to online marketing based on the search engine platform.

SEO is just a subset of SEM. SEM also includes multiple branches such as auction advertising, news source marketing, encyclopedia marketing, and question-and-answer marketing. It can be said that any means of displaying on the search results page can be included in the SEM category.

In many cases in the industry, SEM refers specifically to paid auction ads as opposed to “free” SEO. In fact, this is a wrong statement (it doesn’t matter if you close your eyes). SEM auction ads and SEO can be compared. , But the brain must be clear, SEM auction ads and SEM are two different things.

The SEM before the first noun is only an attributive modifier, which is actually a bidding advertisement. This kind of misunderstanding is the main reason for the misunderstanding of the concept.

Why is SEO seriously underestimated the core skills of online marketing?

Three reasons are given below.

1. The essence of traffic

Promoting the drainage sector as the right arm of the Internet project, the importance of women and wives is well known, but if I ask one thing, what is the core secret of traffic?

I am afraid that most people will be in their throats as if they know everything, but they seem to know nothing.

The essence of traffic is the attention of netizens. Therefore, the display characteristics of Internet information are mainly used to compete for space and time on each platform. Make sure that your information occupies the best traffic entrance of the platform for as long as possible to ensure as much as possible. Attract the attention of netizens.

Strictly speaking, it is even possible to remove the element of time, because space grabbing itself covers the time factor, and it cannot be said that the chain has always been dominated by space in terms of time (the word “always” covers time).

That is to say, to make traffic unsuccessful in the final analysis depends on the unsuccessful seizure of sites on various platforms on the Internet, and SEO is precisely the master of land grabbing technology. It is a skill tree that specifically teaches you to grab territories. How can you say it is possible? Outdated?

Search engine is standard for Internet products

Maybe you will be wondering, SEO will teach you how to grab the site on the search engine at most, so it has risen to the height of grabbing the site across the network? You are narrow.

Generally speaking, when we talk about search engines, we may immediately think of Google, Baidu, Sogou, and 360 search for these pure search engines. In fact, as the most scientific, reasonable and efficient information display tool on the Internet, the search engine is standard for almost any Internet product, whether it is a website or an APP, even if you are a small program.

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