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Thank you for your interest in our Medical SEO Audit services and for taking the next step to make your healthcare website stronger.

Our Medical SEO audits have helped hundreds of medical professionals improve their medical websites and gain more patients/business from them.

How Will a Medical SEO Audit Help You?

It’s easy .. just as with a regular patient, before you prescribe a treatment, you run some tests. That’s exactly how we do it, because medical SEO, without PROPER diagnosis, won’t work.

Less than a month’s time: from zero rankings to traffic and enganement

Look at the image above: what huge difference repairing a website makes. A website that was NOT indexed, with big technical SEO issues. In less than 30 days it started ranking for the clients’ main keywords and get targeted quality traffic.

Let’s help you repair your medical website. Let’s get you more patient bookings and help you grow your medical practice.

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