Local Content Tips For Powerful SEO: Part 2

No local marketing campaign can succeed without powerful local content. Since a whopping 97 percent of people get the majority of their information about local businesses online, showing up in the search results is critically important for small businesses. That makes strong local content critically important as well.

In a previous article, we explored a few tips for creating content that gets local SEO results. Here is a follow-up to that article with additional suggestions for crafting material that will resonate with search engines and consumers alike.

Location-specific landing pages

For multi-location businesses, location-specific landing pages are a must. These pages (or even microsites within the main brand website) create a place where you can focus specifically on a single store.

Within these pages, you can use location-specific keywords, highlight location-specific discounts and features, and earn location-specific attention from search engines.

Because each of these pages deals with only one store, they provide a strong signal to search engines that each store should be ranked separately for location-specific keywords, making them more visible to local audiences.

Leverage your area’s unique elements.

Every area is unique. These one-of-a-kind characteristics, events, businesses, and landmarks contribute to the overall ethos of the place and become part of what residents love about where they live.

Writing about the things that make your area special is a natural way to use local keywords and topics that help search engines understand that your business is linked to a specific geographic area.

Just make sure to tie the subject of your content to your business. Keeping the content relevant to your industry and to your geographic location is the perfect way to get the attention of search engines and earn the local SERPs rankings you deserve.

Create case studies out of your success stories.

As a vibrant local business, you undoubtedly have success stories that bring you pride. Times when your business made a real difference for consumers are not just victories to celebrate internally. They are stories you can use to contribute to your local SEO campaign.

Consider turning a few of your favorite success stories into in-depth case studies for posting on your blog, linking to your social media, or distribution to your email lists. The time it takes to flesh out these stories into meaningful examinations of your company’s ability to help its clients is well worth the return on investment you will experience.

Connect local news to your business.

Local news stories can become fodder for local marketing content if you can find a way to tie it to your business. Discussing local events positions your brand as a local business so search engines can more easily rank you for the correct local keywords.

Addressing local news also benefits your business in other ways. For example, it indicates to website visitors that you are aware of, connected to, and concerned about your community. It can provide a relevant way to show the benefits your business provides to local residents.

Local SEO strength combined with local relevance and authority is an appealing combination that will earn your website both customers and search engine attention.

Create offers for local residents.

Discounts and special offers should appear prominently on your website. Some businesses that offer ongoing specials even devote an entire page of their site to the latest deals.

These deals naturally appeal to consumers and help drive business. If you want to add a local twist to your specials, consider creating deals especially for local consumers. For example, offer 20 percent off your merchandise to consumers who can show a local drivers’ license or utility bill.

Local offers are a good way to earn loyalty from local customers, who want to feel special and noticed. It is also a good way to further strengthen your position as a local business in the eyes of search engines.

Write local guides.

Use your knowledge of your area to create local guides that link to both your business and your community. For example, a florist may write a guide to the best spots for seeing local flowers throughout the year. A boutique baby apparel store may create a guide to the best mommy and me classes, and offer outfit suggestions for each. A local restaurant might put together a Top 10 date night ideas list, including their restaurant in the list.

A little bit of creativity can help you to craft fun, engaging guides that also promote your business. By focusing on your community, you alert search engines to your local area so you can rank for local keywords. And, if done right, your guides can also deliver some valuable, fun insights that will delight consumers and encourage them to check out your business.

Press Pages

Not every business receives a significant amount of press, or writes many press releases. However, companies that do find themselves interacting regularly with the media may want to add a press page to their websites.

A press page is a one-stop shop for everything media-related about your business. You would post press releases here, and add links to news stories that mention your business. This collection of locally-focused media allows customers to see the attention you receive within your community and allows search engines to see that you are an active, and cited, member of your area.

Creating local content allows you to improve your local marketing campaign and local SEO efforts. You do not have to create every type of content mentioned in this article. However, taking a few suggestions and adding them to your web material can help you to improve your SEO rankings and provide valuable information that consumers can use to understand and engage with your business.

The best idea for building a local store marketing campaign that works is to hire some professional help. Here at Distinct Web Design, we can connect you with a local marketing advisor. This is a professional who understands your area and can guide you toward the content and strategies you need to thrive locally.

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