Kratos and Atreus Returns with new God of War Ragnarok Teaser! – The Fanboy SEO

Our favorite dad of war is officially coming back as seen in this new God of War Ragnarok teaser which was shared during the online #Playstation5 event this morning!

You can check out the teaser they played in the video below:

God of War Ragnarok teaser

The teaser’s a pretty mean hook to be honest. We don’t really see Kratos or his son Atreus aka Loki but we did get a nice voiceover from Christopher Judge talking to his “boy” Atreus. He tells him that the time has come and that danger is upon them once more.

All the while we see the Norse version of the God of War logo being formed from ice with runes appearing while Kratos is speaking.

After that, we see the word “Ragnarok” and the potential release date for the second God of War game which is apparently 2021.

This also ties back to the ending of God of War as well as that very awesome secret ending which involves the thunder god Thor who seems very, very, angry.

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