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Directors Zack Snyder
genre Drama
Stars Jackie Earle Haley
Tomatometers 7,7 of 10 stars
summary A group of heroes, forced into retirement a decade before are called together once again to investigate the murder of one of their own. What they discover is an age-old conspiracy to change the balance of power in a world not different from our own

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“Watchmen” is the first movie of 2009 that will leave you at awe. It’s visually stunning, well acted all around, terrific direction by Zack Snyder, and overall pleasing to see & experience. Now, for the geek critique stuff. Yes, there’s NO squid ending, but this new ending works in more ways than you could possibly imagine. It truly is an incredible ending, and frankly I wish Alan Moore thought of it. It ties everything together about human nature and why we’re a race that wants nothing more than control. Also, there is no murder of Hollis Mason, but from what I read it will appear in the Directors Cut. No, Black Freighter, saw that coming when the movie was being made, lucky for us, it comes out on DVD in a couple of weeks and will intertwine in the “Ultimate Directors Cut. I guess the 2 little things that erk’d me were the following, the old age make up (wasn’t too convincing) and second, Matthew Goode as Ozzy. He just came off too much like a douche. I don’t know, anyway, overall the movie is Astounding! It gets a solid A grade! As a manic fan of the graphic novel, the movie was pretty much a great adaptation and I don’t think anyone else could’ve done it better, way to go Zack Snyder.

Watchmen rorschach.
Watchmen season 2.
One of the worst titles I have ever seen! The story was lost in all the blood in it. I didn’t get it (may be it is my fault. I like films about super heroes, but not this one. The end was unexpected (I admit that) there are some good sentences that people can learn, but. I didn’t like the director’s point of view. There was too much darkness. Like forgetting for the script and redeem it with battles and killing. Too much pessimism in a story about heroes. This is my point of view. It was different from other super heroes pictures. Different in a way I didn’t like. It was like watching a storm on the sky, you see sometimes rays of light, but after all it still remains an awful storm, leaving you in bad mood. Sorry.

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