Jang Ki Yong, Choi Hee Seo, And Kim Joo Hun Join Song Hye Kyo In Upcoming Romance Drama – JazmineMedia

The main cast of the highly anticipated upcoming SBS drama “I’m Breaking Up Now” has finally been confirmed.

Initially, actress Song Hye Kyo was confirmed to be signed on the project, on March 10, the rest of the main cast was revealed. Choi Hee Seo, actor Jang Ki Yong, and Kim Joo Hun are set to round up the main leads of the upcoming romance drama.

The drama is set to premiere some time around October of this year and filming is set to begin in April. The upcoming drama will tell stories of emotional love and breakups.

Song Hye Kyo will play Ha Young Eun, a manager of the design team at a fashion label who is a trendy, intelligent and a realist. Jang Ki Yong is taking on the role of the male lead Yoon Jae Guk, a wealthy and popular freelancer photographer who also has the brains and looks.

Choi Hee Seo is taking on the role of Hwang Chi Sook who is a director of the fashion label’s design team, she attended high school with Ha Young Eun. Kim Joo Hun is taking on the role of skilled PR company CEO Seok Do Hoon.

The drama is written by Je In, who previously worked on “Misty” and directed by Lee Gil Bok, who previously worked on “My Love From the Star,” “Vagabond,” and “Dr. Romantic 2.”

The drama will begin filming in April and is scheduled to air via SBS in the second half of this year.

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My personal thoughts- by Jazmine K.

wow, that’s an interesting lineup indeed.

I would’ve loved for her to have been paired with Kim Joo Hun instead as the first lead but I get it. I never pictured Jang Ki Yong would star opposite her so this is surprising.

In terms of plot summary, it sounds about average thus far, but I am sure there is more to it considering the cast lineup.

Jang Ki Yong had previously played a similar character description, so I am curious as to why he picked a similar role again. Song Hye Kyo is also yet again playing an intelligent character that is on the top of her game, I previously talked about my wish to see her challenge herself a bit more because this character description also matches most of her recent projects.

This script has potential, let us see how it pans out.

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