Introducing: The SEO Marketing Hub 2.0, A Free Library of SEO Resources For 2020

I’m PUMPED to announce the release of the new SEO Marketing Hub 2.0.

We launched SEO Marketing Hub 1.0 last year.

Since then, we’ve made hundreds of edits, additions, improvements and updates.

This updated free resource library now covers over 41 key topics — including Schema, sitemaps, SEO software, content audits, link bait, SEO best practices, and lots more.

You can check out SEO Marketing Hub 2.0 right here:

All in all, our resource library contains over 57,000 words, 750 screenshots, as well as nearly 200 custom-designed diagrams, charts and visuals.

We also added an entirely new category: Keyword Research Strategies.

I’m really happy with how the new SEO Marketing Hub turned out.

And I hope you get a ton of value from it.

Here’s What’s Included

The SEO Marketing Hub 2.0 is broken down into 7 core topics:

What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear what you think about the new SEO Marketing Hub 2.0.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

What’s the #1 thing you want to learn about SEO right now?

I plan on adding more resources to the hub soon.

So let me know if you have any topics that you want me to cover.

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