How To Sell Websites, Digital Ads and SEO to Local Businesses at Scale

Enter the Local Expert Who Sells Digital Solutions 

Local business experts like marketing agencies, managed service providers (MSPs) and media companies have set their sights on selling more digital solutions than ever before. Rather than driving foot traffic to a brick and mortar location during these pandemic times, they need to get these businesses ecommerce-ready and drive traffic to online stores. Now it’s a matter  of coordinating multiple parties, to fulfill orders for their small-and-medium-sized business customers in a timely manner by offering functionality and value.

Challenges To Selling Ecommerce

“In order for one of our partners to deliver a website, there are multiple teams that have to come together to build that website,” says Vendasta Executive Vice President of Product Strategy in Research and Development, Gib Olander. 

“You might have a photographer, a developer writing code, and a payment gateway that needs to be integrated. All three of those have complexities, timelines, and people that need to be involved in that story. They don’t know when or how to be involved in that story unless there is an organized set of tasks available asynchronously.” 

Solution: Product Marketplace + Task Management In One 

Through Vendasta, hundreds of products and services come together automatically in Vendasta Task Manager, making them instantly available to all parties who need to deliver on products that are being sold. 

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