How to create a video marketing strategy for your brand? (Genius Talk ft. Lou Bortone)

Video marketing strategy is an essential part of every successful video marketing endeavor! Today let’s find out how to create a successful video marketing strategy for your brand from “The Video Godfather”, Lou Bortone.

Lou Bortone is a leading Video Marketing specialist who has worked with several top brands and influencers from across the globe. He has also authored three amazing books. His latest book is called, “Video Marketing Rules”.

Lou Bortone’s latest book: https://goo.gl/yMqhoQ
Lou Bortone’s website: http://www.loubortone.com/

You can create a video from anywhere (1:22)
They don’t care about the platform they only care about the content (3:49)
Tv is becoming internet and internet is becoming the TV (3:59)
You really don’t know what your customers want unless you go out and specifically ask them (6:26)
Now videos are vertical (13:32)
Difference between a viewer and a fan is engagement (14:55)
Stay viewer centric (19:52)

Tools mentioned in this episode:
Animaker: https://www.animaker.com/

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How to create a video marketing strategy for your brand? (Genius Talk ft. Lou Bortone)



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