How to boost eCommerce sales through SEO

The relevance of eCommerce is increasing at a fast rate. More and more people are ditching trips to the stores every day to buy things online from the comfort of their homes. This trend in online marketing is not going away any time soon. As a result, more eCommerce companies are coming up, hoping to get a share of the pie; the market is becoming more competitive.

Though this is good news for businesses, it also means they will have to come with methods to stand apart from the competition and be heard amongst the noise if they want to survive and thrive. You have to come up with a sustainable growth strategy to boost sales. Offering discounts, targeting the right audience, and convenient modes of payment are just some of the tactics that might work.

You’ll have to go deeper and understand consumer buying behaviour and focus on customer experience through SEO best practices. Of course, it’s understandable if you don’t have the expertise to do it in-house. It’s advisable to hire a professional eCommerce SEO agency for the job since they’d know what they are doing.

Keyword Research

If you want to have a successful SEO strategy, you cannot ignore keyword research. This will help you understand the search terms the users are searching for when they are looking to shop for products that you sell.  It’s advisable to use both branded and non-branded keywords.

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Branded keywords include your brand name, and those consumers looking specifically for your brand will use them. Of course, they convert better, but it will only focus on people who know your brand. What about the other vast number who aren’t? You want to target them too and grow your audience base. That’s where non-branded keywords help.

Also, don’t forget long-tail keywords that are laser-focused specific queries users search for. They don’t have a significant search volume, but they have high conversion rates! Optimising your content with these keywords, especially product titles, can boost sales.

Add a Blog Page

Even if yours is an eCommerce site, you still need a blog page. That’s because you need to incorporate the keywords into your content. Product description and titles aren’t long enough to use all keywords. Plus, you need to include them in your content as many times as possible. Besides incorporating keywords, blogs have other advantages too. You can create internal and external links that are important for SEO.

Optimise for Mobile

If you want Google to prioritise your website for search rankings, a fully responsive and mobile-optimised website is necessary. Responsive and mobile-friendly web design means that users can view your content on any device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. The user interface and the content viewing experience won’t change.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google won’t consider it for mobile search results. Considering more than half of the searches are on mobile these days, that’s a huge number you’re missing out on. So, hire an eCommerce SEO agency to rectify this issue and optimise your site for multiple platforms.

Shining Product Pages

It is essential to create your product pages well-optimised for conversions. This is where you convince them to buy your product. Please include all the information about the product in the description without making it sound boring. Explain to them the merits and why they should buy the product.

Don’t just create a blatant sales pitch by telling them it’s the best product. Instead, give them all the info they need and decide if it’s the best product to buy. Include clear, high-resolution images showing the product from multiple angles. And, incorporate keywords in the body and the title of the description.

Focus on Customer Experience

Google cares about its users. If you serve users well-meaning content and an easily navigable website with fast checkout etc. users will love you and want to come back to you. Google will reward you for it by moving you up in the search rankings.

Focus on issues like website load speed, layout, design, content, etc. Design everything keeping the user in mind. Eliminate broken links and website errors. Focus on improving customer experience on your website, and Google will love you for it.

Finally, get creative. Don’t be afraid to try new approaches. If you’ve outsourced the job to an eCommerce SEO agency, don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with them. Try out different content formats and styles.

As you expand your creativity, you’ll gain insights into what your audience loves. And that is the key to unlocking SEO excellence and higher sales.

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