How Much Does Social Media Marketing Expense in 2017?

Rather often here at LYFE Marketing we receive emails from our website visitors about the expense of our social networks services.

About 2 weeks ago, I received this email from Carlos …

The e-mail stated:

“I wish to know what bundles you have for social media management and what services they include”

Needless to state, I was interested.

So, I continued with setting up a conference.

Ends Up Carlos (like many) had no concept what the typical expense for social networks marketing was …

He wished to truly understand why the cost for services varied anywhere from $299– $15,000 per month. That’s a HUGE spectrum.

For the lots of others like Carlos out there, I chose to compose this blog site for you.

Here’s the deal:

If you’re serious about hiring working with right best business your business, there are 4 basic services you require to understand.

# 1 Material Development: The primary step for any brand name is to publish and be active on social media. This is a service every social networks company will supply.

# 2 Follower Growth: In order to get your post seen, you need to have fans/followers on social media. It is essential to check if this is included your package.

# 3 Social Marketing: To truly use the power of social media you must market. This allows you to pay to reach countless people who utilize social networks every day. This is where you will discover the inconsistency in the cost for services in many cases.

# 4 Method & & Employees : The sheer number of workers that a social media business has dealing with your business can highly impact the cost. It can be the difference in paying $1,500/ mo and paying $15,000/ mo for social networks management. Business companies often have strategist, graphic designers, content writers, site designers, search professional, account managers and more all collaborate to serve client requirements.

And BAM. That’s it.

As many of you know, these comprise social media marketing services for most SMBs (small companies).

If you ‘d like a more in depth understanding of these services …

No concerns.

We tape-recorded a video that walks you through the whole scope.

In addition, if you wish to understand how much does social networks marketing expense with LYFE Marketing.

Then visit our social networks management prices page.

Okay. Moving on.

Now that you comprehend how social networks marketing services works, let’s dive into the meat of this blog.

Just how much does social networks marketing cost?

When choosing to outsource your social media needs there are a number of alternatives available to you.

You can employ an intern, freelancers, worker, small marketing business or corporate marketing agency. Each partner has its own typical rate and set of pros/cons. It is essential to note that no company is precisely alike and will have small differences.

We will take an appearance at each partner individually.

Let’s start with the classic.

“Let’s simply hire an Intern from College” group.

The issue with employing a social media intern is they have no organisation experience.

Yes it’s real.

Interns do understand how to publish tweets and updates Facebook posts. Nevertheless, most interns do not have the knowledge to organize marketing and create outcomes for company.

People who take social media intern positions are individuals who are trying to find out. Instead of you optimizing your time on other essential organisation operations, you’ll most likely be answering intern questions and continuously correcting or evaluating your work.

Interns cost you a lot of time and time is cash.

Pros of employing an intern

  • Free or extremely low cost

Cons of hiring an intern

  • No experience. No true practicality to use social media to grow your organisation.
  • Continuous oversight. Spending a lot of needed time to review work and response basic concerns.
  • Momentary position. Once they gain the wanted experience they leave and seek excellent paying positions.

So, Should You Employ The Social Network Freelancer?

A Freelancer is often described as an expert.

Usually freelancers charge a per hour wage to render services on a task basis. Social media freelancers with 3+ years of experiences usually will cost $45/hr.

Alexis Grant shares some terrific insight on this subject in her blog on What to Charge for Social Network Work as a Freelancer or Consultant

Now let’s do the mathematics.

If you want genuine results to come from social networks you will require to be active and post daily.

Assuming it takes your freelancer one hour per day, your cost could be $

$45/hr daily x 5 days a week x 4 weeks a month = $900/mo x 12/mo = $10,800 per year for a freelancer.

Pros of dealing with a freelancer are

  • Lower expense. Employer does not need to pay employment taxes or consist of benefits.

Cons of working with a freelancer are

  • No Commitment, freelancers sell their services to the greatest bidder
  • Reliant on A Single Person. If he/she is ill or exceptionally hectic your social networks is on hold
  • No Oversight. There is little to no transparency on how the work is really being performed.

One last thing to note about freelancers is experience matters. Working with a lack of experience social media supervisor can be like employing an intern.

Full-time Staff Member (Internal)

The excellent advantage of hiring an employee is that you manage worker’s quality, time and activity. You are able to develop in a position or team for your social networks marketing department.

Adding a brand-new position is not always an easy task.

You have to develop training, everyday process and oversight for the worker. Which indicates it could take months before you are ready to use social networks. In addition, you will have a long term commitment with your new worker so be mindful of the possibility of failure.

Now let’s do the mathematics.

On the low end you can expect to pay $35k each year in wage. This has to do with $3,500 monthly when you consist of taxes and advantages.

$3,500 each month x 12 months = $42,000 annually for a FEET worker.

Pros of hiring an in-house employee

  • Dedicated to working for your organization
  • 100% oversight to see what is occurring on a day to day basis
  • Experience is employed, built and kept.
  • Versatility to change work focus.

Cons of working with an internal staff member

  • High expense. The average salary for a social media manager is $35k– 50k per year.
  • Company generally will pay work taxes and advantages (health insurance coverage and 401k strategy)
  • Reliant on one person. If he/she is ill or leaves the company your social networks is on hold.
  • Long term commitment. You must develop training, process and reporting for position.

You can check out more about working with a staff member on the short article Should You Employ a Staff Member or Company to Handle Social Network

Next you have the little marketing business

A little marketing business is one who generally accommodates small company owners. Most of these business attempt to provide as much worth to the client at the very best cost possible.

This provides you a hybrid of employing a freelancer and a full-time worker.

Freelancer + Full-Time Staff Member = Small Marketing Business.

You get the very best of both worlds.

Considering that most small marketing business desire to grow clientele, you will find they will be committed to helping your business grow too.

And possibly that greatest advantage is.

It’s NOT reliant on one person where freelancers and a full-time employee are.

In addition, they have a number of plans to fit your budget plan and needs.

Now let’s do the mathematics.

The expense for a GOOD little marketing business will vary anywhere from $400– $1500 per month.

At the most affordable plan you will spend $4,800 per year.

$400/mo x 12 months = $4,800 annually

At the very best package you will spend $18,000 annually.

$1500/mo x 12 months = $18,000 per year

Pros of employing a little marketing business

  • Numerous pricing options. You can pick packages that fit your needs.
  • Low-mid expense. Really cost reliable. Packages can be less expense than employing a freelancer.
  • Can move from plan to package with ease.
  • Not Reliant on someone. Numerous social media managers on staff.
  • Dedicated to your company. Excellent business are results focused.
  • Some oversight. You will have the ability to call and have access to a social media supervisor.
  • Business generally has dealt with a variety of other SMBs.
  • No work taxes or advantages. You can write it off for tax functions.

Cons of employing a small marketing company

  • Not 100% oversight. You still will not be able to know what occurs on an everyday basis.
  • A lot of companies will require a 6-12 month agreement.

Now beware.

There are a lot of undependable and lack of experience small marketing business on the web.

I advise you read our post on How to Pick the very best Social Media Agency: 15 Concerns to Ask.


It is very important to ask if the company has internal social networks supervisors.

You do not want to deal with a company who is simply outsourcing their work to freelancers.

In this manner you will understand precisely what to anticipate from your provider.

Finally, you have the Corporate Marketing Company

These agencies normally deal with other business companies like fortune 1,000 or Inc 5,000 entities.

They are known for being full-service and providing a big variety of marketing services for their customers.

Naturally, they have a lot of employees work together on client projects.


.?.!! Especially, if you have a big complex business.

Due to the fact that every staff member has the ability to completely plan and execute their part of the customer’s project.

However, most business marketing agencies are known for being sluggish and unresponsive.

Now let’s do the mathematics.

For a good business marketing business you will pay $15,000/ mo.

$15,000/ mo x 12 months = $180,000 per year for a business marketing business.

For the majority of SMBs, you will not see a positive return on this type of investment social networks financial investment.

Unless naturally, your social networks content goes viral.

Pros of working with a business marketing company

  • Once again, you are not reliant on a single person. Numerous social media managers on personnel.
  • Long term commitment to your company. Many agencies take the LT technique.
  • Complete marketing. All your marketing requirements are looked after with one business.
  • Business normally has actually worked with a number of other businesses.
  • No work taxes or advantages. You can write it off for tax functions.

Cons of working with a business marketing agency

  • Not very versatile. Since there are numerous people dealing with a team it requires time to make changes to projects.
  • Not 100% oversight. You still will not be able to understand what happens on a day-to-day basis.
  • The majority of business will need 1-2 year agreement.

BAM, that’s it.

We’ve covered every group.

Now let’s do a side by side comparison and breakdown of essential pros/cons.

Intern Full-Time Staff member Corporate Marketing Company FREE $ 3,500/ mo $ 15,000/ mo FREE Quality assurance Employees No Experience Expense< td data-sheets-value ='[ null,2, "No oversight"] >

No oversight Expense Anybody Based on experience< td data-sheets-value='[

null,2, “Small companies”] > Small Businesses< td data-sheets-value='[ null,2, "Fortune 1000 & Inc 5000 Companies"] > Fortune 1000 & Inc 5000 Business In Summary, Every partner is various and will yield different costs. On average you can anticipate to pay the prices above depending on who you are talking to.

Here are some tweetable takeaways.

Be really careful of brand names who are extremely low-cost as they might not provide a specific service or supply the quality your service needs. Click to Tweet.

Interns are totally free. Can be draw up your time and time is cash. Click to Tweet.

Freelancers are an excellent option for outsourcing tasks, however can disappear and never ever return. Click to Tweet.

In-house workers can gives you quality control, however your organisation should be prepared to manage another position. Click to Tweet.

Little social networks marketing companies are a great pricing alternative, but you have little to no oversight of work. Click to Tweet.

Corporate marketing companies offer the most thorough services, but can be sluggish and cost a lot.Click to Tweet.

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