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Video Marketing is taking the online marketing world by storm. As by 2020 video marketing will become a necessity for every business. The stats show how video marketing keeps customer attention as compared to other marketing strategies.  Video marketing always demands the latest marketing techniques to successfully run with the industry.  To keep you aware of video marketing, Here, I come with some stunning video marketing tips for business.

Nowadays Video marketing is important and must have a part in Digital Marketing. While submitting your videos to Video Submission Sites the thing you should remember is SEO, Yes the proper SEO of your videos will help in better visibility and shares.

What is Video Marketing?

The term Video marketing is not difficult to understand. It’s pretty simple actually, Promote your business/brand via the video is called video marketing. The success of a video marketing campaign is a combination of case study, emotional content, going live, customer video testimonials, explainer videos, how-to videos and entertaining videos with a message.

The Key Video Marketing Platforms are YouTube, Facebook Watch and IGTV, In Which YouTube is World’s largest video platform and the world’s second-largest used search engine. YouTube is owned by Google. Overall, the Video is a gold factor for SEO. It can increase your ranking on Google, brand visibility, awareness and keeps your customer engaged. So when you upload your videos make sure it’s rich SEO optimized.

Check out these 5 Video Marketing Tips for small businesses which helps you to maximise your video efforts:

Tell your Story that captivates the audience’s attention

Tell your journey to your customers in an engaging way so the customers don’t get bored and back out of the video. How you started and reached there, what difficulties you faced, how you overcome these barriers. Also while making video think you are talking to the audience, build that connection with the audience. Never stop testing ways to bring out your best self in the next video.

Get customer attention within 15 – 20 seconds

Ideally, videos should capture attention within the starting 30 seconds of the video only then can you compel the audience to watch the entire video. The major part of video marketing is how you keep engaging your audience as people don’t have the interest to listen and watch about your business products/services. Well, I’m also not going to watch your video unless it is beneficial for me. The video has to be valuable to the audience.

In the starting try out to specify the user’s problem and after that introduce yourself who you are and how you can help them. Also, don’t bother your audience with monotony.

Keep the things Real & SEO Optimized

While making your video try to make it real. Use real faces as compared to animated characters also as per the country if you’re targeting Indian audience, then try spicing things up with Local flare into your video. This video marketing tip attaches your audience emotionally to your brand/service.

SEO optimization is also a big factor for your video marketing. I already told you that video can help in SEO for better ranking in SERP and brand awareness although using proper tags, description, and title will keep your video on the top of your targeted keywords and increase the visibility of a website.

Also, you can add a website link to your description for reference of your customers & driving referral traffic. When used correctly you can drive inordinate traffic as a result.

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Use CTA’s (Call to Action) Words

Call to Action words, It is not important in just video marketing but helpful in content marketing as well. Call to Action words are engaging users to convert into a lead. Basically, the term CTA is used in marketing for simply generating more sales. It indirectly tells a user/visitor to sign up for a website or buy a product.

While using CTA try out to connect with the user via the comment, as you can ask about the suggestion, problem faced by them, their experience, etc. That will directly connect with the audience and you.

How effectively you’re using a call to action word is to reflect your sales target and conversion rate. It drives a variety of results depends on the business goal. Using a CTA will increase the sales ratio as well as the number of signups.

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with influencers in your niche who have already thousands & millions of followers on YouTube and other social networking sites. Influencers have already gained the trust and users follow them So when they market your business services/products so there is a higher chance that he/she will visit and use your product and service.

Not just YouTube, You can use this tip for other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Also, share your videos on free video sites to get more shares and like. Sharing your videos help you get more users and in SEO as well. You will get backlinks from free video marketing sites. As all the sites are free so you don’t need to spend a bit of amount on this.


In the end, I just want to say while using these video marketing tips also analyze and test your result or analytics. How you perform after using these tips. Is there a need for changes in your marketing techniques to improve results. Also if you think we missed out anything put your suggestion below into the comment box.

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