How Effective Business Blogging Can Increase Your SEO

Did you know businesses that post 16 or more articles monthly receive 3.5 times more site traffic?  And according to Quicksprout, 61% of consumers will make a purchase based on a blog article.

As you can see, business blogging is an important part of your company’s digital marketing strategy. It helps by:

Keep reading for a helpful guide to blogging, from creating topics and writing your posts to incorporating SEO best practices and promoting your articles.

How To Develop Powerful Business Blogging Topics

How can you keep coming up with topic ideas when business blogging? Here are some tips.

If business blogging is part of your digital marketing strategy, you may find it difficult to be constantly developing new topics. A strong topic needs to be created with the reader in mind; it should be useful, timely, informative and simple.

The first step to coming up with new blog topics is to brainstorm. Set aside time each quarter, and don’t be afraid to ask a friend or colleague for help if you need some fresh ideas. Also, make sure you keep a notebook handy or a file on your phone for ideas; you never know when inspiration will hit!

Create an editorial calendar to clearly lay out your business blogging ideas and develop regular features, such as a monthly product review or bi-weekly recaps of industry news. By planning a quarter, half year or a full year at a time, you can see the overall structure of your content topics. Looking ahead like this will also allow you to include upcoming events important to your business, industry and community.

Still stuck coming up with topic ideas for business blogging? Here are a few additional ways to find inspiration:

It also helps to change up the format of your blog posts. For example, in one post you could create a list post, in which you feature a bulleted list of helpful ideas or tips for your readers. Then, in the next post write a how-to or do-it-yourself article that showcases your insight, tips and tricks. Interviewing industry leaders or employees, or writing a post of curated content is another idea – just make sure you credit original sources.

The Anatomy Of A Strong Article When Business Blogging

Make sure your articles include these elements when business blogging.

Now that you’ve come up with the next topics for business blogging, it’s time to think about how to make your posts more powerful for your readers as well as search engines.

SEO Best Practices For Business Blogging

blogging for SEO graphic
Follow these SEO best practices when business blogging.

When business blogging, it’s not just enough to write articles your readers will want to read and format them in a way that’s easy to digest; you also need to think about SEO (search engine optimization). Here are a few best practices to make part of your business blogging efforts.

Last Business Blogging Step: Promoting Posts For Additional Visibility

What do you do after you’ve written and published a blog post? You need to encourage readers to read it!

How To Promote Your Posts When Business Blogging

promoting blog image
How do you promote your articles when business blogging?

Want to learn more about how to include business blogging as part of your company’s digital marketing strategy? Contact us to find out how it can help your brand! You can also check out these additional articles and videos for more insight!

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