How duplicative SEO Content threaten your website ranking

Duplicate content-what it is? You must know all about duplication and duplicate content if you are interested in starting a website/bog or if you want to increase your website’s ranking. Now in this two-minute post, we are going to tell you about duplicate content and how it can threaten your website’s ranking position so without delay start reading everything you need to know about duplicative content!

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is the content that is similar in some portions or is exactly the copy of the content that is available on other websites or different sources, including books and magazines. In simple words, duplicate content is the content that is available in two or more places and is also word to word the same. Even if the content is slightly rewritten or rephrased, it is going to fall into the definition of plagiarism, and you should know that this is an illegal and unethical act that is condemned in all industries all around the world. 

Now talking about duplicate and search engine optimization, you should know that duplicate content has a lot of negative effects on the seo score of your website. Although Google does not penalize your website for adding duplicate content initially, you should know that google simply does not want you to add duplicate content because unique content is one of the biggest factors for indexing by google.

Best practice to avoid duplication in your content!

Although there are a lot of ways in which you can avoid plagiarism, we will tell you about the simple way so that everyone can use it no matter how skilled or unskilled you are. Duplichecker is a very well-known website for plagiarism check, and in fact, it is known to be one of the best free plagiarism checker on the web. A plagiarism checker can help you scan your work and check plagiarism in it. This plagiarism checker can only help you check your plagiarized content and also help you rephrase your work and remove plagiarism from it. This plagiarism detector is free and has a lot of features that you can enjoy click the following link to navigate to the above-mentioned tool: https://www.duplichecker.com/

You should know that Google tries to index the websites and pages that have distinct and unique content on them. If you have plagiarism and duplication in your content then it is going to hurt your search ranking positions for sure, not only search ranking positions, but you should know that there are three major issues that your site can go through if it runs into duplicate content.

Less organic traffic

When you publish duplicate content, then you should know that before the search engine reacts, the users and the traffic on your webpage will start ignoring your content. You cannot fool the traffic on the web, and you should understand this. Organic traffic would always recognize the content that you have duplicated from another source. When the traffic rejects your site or page, it will directly affect the business of the search engine and so it would immediately de-rank your site from its index. 

You should understand that google gets confused when you add duplicate content on your website as it becomes hard for the search engine to rank A content over B because of their similarities. Eventually, google discards the content that has duplication in it, now you should know that as google does not think about the content that is original one so both of them would suffer in ranking and indexing in the future!

Google penalty, which is very rare!

Google does not normally penalize duplication or duplicate content, but in rare cases in which a website or page has been reluctant in producing unique content and consistent in plagiarism, google simply fines them. It can be monetary fine, or google can also suspend and de-index your page from its listings. This will cost you time, effort, content, cost, and productivity that you have spent in the preparation of the page. Although this is rare, it is suggested that you don’t get involved in duplication and always use a plagiarism checker tool to check and remove duplication before you publish work.

Fewer pages that would be indexed

If you are a website owner with different pages and posts, then you should know that duplicate content can bring a very major issue for your site. Google will start ignoring your new pages even if they do not have duplication in them. The eCommerce websites are the ones that are affected the most by duplication. When google refuses to index your pages, then it directly affects your business. If Google or other search engines do not index your work, then it would be a waste of money and productivity as well!

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