How Do Social Media Platforms Impact SEO?

Social media and SEO
Social media and SEO

Social media platforms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two substantial aspects of digital marketing. To some extent, social media can power SEO but can’t relay completely to improve ranking.

As AJ Kohn says,It’s not the actual social activity that matters, but what happens as a result of that activity.”

Let’s say you wrote content and it got shared in social media. Your content has reached many people, and it gets lots of views. The content that gets a lot of views has a chance of improving viewers’ engagement and more likely to get linked by other websites.

The backlinks that you get from those websites are the cause of improving your rank. And that’s how you improve your SEO.

It’s not about how many times your content gets shared in social media, but you should concentrate on how your shared content is performing in social media.

With this brief scenario of social media effect on SEO, let’s discuss what you can do to strengthen the performance of your content on social media.

1. Create share-worthy content.

It’s all about quality.

Give people a reason to share. If your content is poorly written, that drops the interest of the readers. Why would people share the content that they don’t like?

The ideal way you can encourage the audience to share your content is by writing what they want to read. And content should be formulated in the style that interests your audience.

Don’t create random content. Focus on creating content that benefits your audiences.

You can publish promotional content letting people know how your products can benefit them or tell them about your company.

Instead of producing the same blog, try delivering informative content to your audiences. You can add value to your content by including info-graphic, data, or videos, some elements that encourage people to share your content.

Do invest time in planning content strategy. Well, plan content can get more attention than unplanned content.

2. Build a relationship

Building a relationship in social media just not means having a lot of followers, but you need to connect with those people who are likely to share your content.

Take time to build a relationship with your audience. Interact with them to create a strong bond. An incredible bond can encourage them to share your content, and moreover, they can even give you a content idea.

If you want to get noticed, share people’s content that matches your business so that your content also gets shared by them.

When you share the content, mention how good is the content and give a reason why people should read it, it’s like helping each other displaying the content.

Help them to get views, and they can help you increase visitors on your website.

Power your social media to influence people to share and read your content to uplift SEO performance. Create valuable content that helps your followers understand you and give them a valid reason to read your content.

3. Every social media platform has different audiences

You can also share your content, which you think can attract more people. But you need to keep something in mind.

Every social media platform doesn’t consist of identical people with similar interests.

social media stats
social media stats

People using Instagram are different from those who are using tweeter. Similarly, people who are on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn also vary from each other.

So when you share your content in any kind of social media platform, you should share the content in a way that appeals to your audience.

The caption you write should make people click the link naturally. Content in social media can succeed only when people click and read your content.

Therefore, make sure people don’t skip your content. Instead, encourage them to read it by writing an attractive caption.

When putting all the effort to make content shared in social media, your energy has to pay off too, right.

Below are the advantages that you can get if your content performs well on social media.

1. Increase reach

The number of traffic you get on your site has a certain impact on ranking. Social media can help you drive traffic to your site by increasing your visibility. Creating attractive content will help you make people click the link to your website, which adds new traffic to your website.

Social media will surely help you increase the reach. But the only condition here is, are your contents interesting and informative enough to be shared.

And above all, the shared content needs to be clicked by people to increase traffic.

2. Drive traffic

Regularly engaging your audience in social media will keep your business on top of the audiences’ head.

Getting visitors from social media means you’re getting organic traffic, and this has a positive impact on organic ranking. An increase in organic traffic will increase the domain authority of your website, and this is a good sign to Google that lets your website display more often on the result page.

Also, when visitors are regularly visiting your site, this indicates that people are enjoying the content on the website. And when people enjoy reading your content, they spend time on your website. This is a great way of telling Google that people are valuing your content, and it’s informative enough to be ranked.

Posting high-quality content in social media platforms can generate not only shares but likes and comments as well. The number of times your content gets shared, likes and comments also encourage people to click the link to your website.

3. Search engines rank social media profile

You might have experienced when you type business name in the search engine, you also get social media link in the result page.

The business is not only able to rank their website but also is able to show-up its social media platform. This can help businesses beat out their competitors in terms of visibility.

You can also display your website and social media in SERPs when your business name is searched in search engines.

For a website to rank, you obviously need to use SEO. And for social media platforms, you need to be active and interact with your audiences.

4. Getting an external link is easy

Capturing external links through social media is quite easy. You can share and promote your content on social media platforms, which can increase other websites to refer and link back to your content.

Quality content
Quality content

When you craft high-quality content and post it on social media, audiences are very likely to read the content, link to your content, and can share it on their page.

But remember, high-quality content with detailed information may not get a share if it doesn’t resonate with your audience.

After all, your audience links to your content if it resonates with you. And moreover, your content will only get a share when your audience finds it informative and valuable.

5. Social media can boost local SEO

As you might already know, NAP (Name of the business, address, and phone number of business) is important in local SEO.

Being consistent in your business information throughout the internet will make your business more credible and can boost your ranking, which makes it crucial to use NAP detail across social media profiles, location listing, and website.

Moreover, a social media platform lets you use geo-tag in your post. This allows you to get more visibility among the local people helping you expand your reach.

6. YouTube SEO

When you search for the tutorial on the search engine, it also displays videos along with the link. This happens because the search engine gives importance to videos.

If your business has a YouTube channel, you can make full use of the search engine to rank your YouTube video.  If your content is not getting ranked, you can optimize your YouTube video to appear in search engine results and put your website link in the description.

People who want to learn more about your business or your work can visit your website by clicking your links. By doing this, you’re exposing your business to new audiences.

But don’t worry if your business has nothing to do with a video tutorial, you can still get traffic through social media account.

Final Thought

Social media do have a role to play to enhance SEO even though it may not directly affect ranking. It works by expanding the reach and increasing brand visibility, which can also bring traffic if your content performs as expected.

Besides the social media platforms, YouTube videos can also improve your brand visibility. So try to optimize every online platform your business has because somehow it can support SEO.

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