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Even if you don’t qualify as internet savvy, you’ve probably seen or heard about gifs. GIFs, or Graphics Interchange Formats, are image files which repeat continuously in a short loop. It’s common to see GIFs used for humour – for instance, a quick gif of a cat falling down. However, gifs are no longer just a tool young folks utilise in order to make jokes on social media.

As digital marketing continues to be a driving force for brand awareness and sustainability, brands must adopt the kinds of media their audiences are familiar with. That’s why many brands are turning to simple media formats to keep audiences engaged. So how can designers and brand managers utilize gifs to maximize positive communication with their audience? All you require is a tiny bit of creativity and an understanding of your audience.

How Are Brands Able To Weave The Humble GIF Into Social Media Marketing Strategies?

Video strategies have seen a rise in popularity in recent years owing to the likes of TikTok as well as Instagram Reels. Showing personality is crucial for brands which are looking to form an engaged audience. In addition, many have taken to creating unique gifs as well as looping videos in order to convey their ethos and products, in addition to sparking conversations.

Mental health charity Calm got creative with GIFs on Instagram in order to promote wellness and meditation, which – during the pandemic – was a much-needed form of escapism. Tapping into this – as well as reacting to its audience – needs has proven to be an effective tactic.

Using GIFs and video in order to highlight products on social media may feel less like a conventional advertisement, which consumers could respond better to. Trying too hard to duplicate an advertising asset or prioritising the sales messaging above the quality of the creative will not work. The chief focus should be on creating content which will be enjoyed by the audience.  At the end of the day, it isn’t about hijacking the format in order to shove a brand or product in people’s faces.

Use A GIF To Promote A Product, Service Or Event

Using GIFs in order to market your product, service or event will give the opportunity to show off the kind of details which will entice your target audience to shop as well as buy. In addition, it gives your audience the opportunity to learn more about your product, service or event with not breaking the bank. Individuals are becoming less trusting of traditional advertising, forcing brands to turn to GIFs in order to promote their items as well as events.

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