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As a functional medicine practitioner, you know that your patients have a lot of questions about your methods, their health conditions, and more. Educating them is an important step in turning the person who is in the inquiry phase into a patient. This is one of the reasons that so many practitioners offer discovery calls in order to answer some of the preliminary questions a patient has. 

Writing blog posts is a great way to answer your patient’s questions. Here are the top reasons you should consider writing blogs for your functional medicine website. 

Provides Newsletter Content

One of the best ways to keep up with potential patients is to send them a bi-monthly or monthly newsletter. If you are adding 1-2 blogs per month, your newsletter can feature your latest blog content. It’s a great way to promote your latest content and remind existing patients and potential patients that you exist. 

Can Be Used As a Resource Guide 

Direct your existing and potential patients to the blog section of your website to look for the information you’ve written. A few ways to direct them to the blog would be to: 

These are a few ways you can use your blogs as a resource guide for your patients. 

Follow Up Discovery Calls With Blog Content

Once you get off the phone or out of a consult with a potential patient, send them more information from your blog. This will help them learn more about your approach and potentially answer questions that you didn’t get to during your consultation. Oftentimes, potential patients need to self-educate before they go down the path of functional medicine. 

Can Bring Local Search Traffic

While blogs can be shown to people that live anywhere, you can also bring local search traffic to your site through your blog content. The best way to do this is to put your location information in your blog. When someone in your area is looking for an answer to their question, if you have an article that will answer it, Google can send them to your site. That’s why it is important that all content on your website has an easy-to-find call to action. 

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