How a Basic SEO Audit Can Help Small Businesses

How a Basic SEO Audit Can Help Small Businesses

A basic SEO audit can be a crucial aspect of getting SEO on point for someone who has a small business. With regard to one’s SEO having the skills to perform a basic SEO audit can really empower one as a business owner.

What Are The Tools Of The Trade?

One can take help from many tools to audit their site. Most have a monthly fee, but one can follow the freely available tools as well like;

One should consider the following areas if one wants a basic SEO audit for a small local business.


One can basically check a few factors with the help of Google Analytics;


These help on seeing the correct diagnostic data within the Search Console like;

Here any issues are investigated and remedied.


Jump to the response code tab after opening the screaming frog crawl for the site. Overview tab to the right-hand side of the screen is useful.


One should review the URLs and the URL tabs of the pages on the site. Here one needs a set of lower-case URLs which accurately describes the site’s content.

Next thing is to file cabinet structure where the relevant pages are put together. For example;

A clear signal relating to the content of each page is provided by the structure of the site.


One will have to jump into the screaming frog and look at the “page titles” tab to review the page titles. Page titles should be around 40 to 65 characters to best suit the available space.


One should consider this an opportunity to add some sales copy to entice the users to click as the search engines use the text from one’s Meta description when they are listing one’s site.

One can review their H1 and H2 tags from screaming frog and make sure that it’s optimized sensibly.


With three different tools one can check the site’s speed;

Providing a solid overview of improvements, these tools are also free to use.


Few technical tests include;

One will find solutions and areas of improvements by following the steps mentioned and one will continue to improve and stay competitive as well.

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