Hiring the Right SEO Agency: X Key Things to Consider

Have you just realized recently that you need search engine optimization (SEO)? After you’ve identified the need, you now have to decide which SEO agency to hire.

The process of hiring an SEO agency can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have knowledge about digital marketing. Many will claim to be SEO experts out there, that it sometimes becomes hard to identify the real ones from a total fraud. What’s worse, if you don’t hire the right SEO company, it’ll be like throwing your hard-earned money as it can get quite costly.

To help you identify the right SEO company to work with, SEO agency SEOLeverage outlines the key things you have to consider.

1. Work Process

Ask the SEO company about their process. If they can explain it in a way that makes sense to you, it’s a good sign. It goes without saying that if the SEO process seems suspicious, then you should think twice about working with them.

When hiring an SEO agency, make sure they provide recommendations about technical issues such as on-page elements improvement, optimization of existing content, content creation strategies, and backlinks acquisition. Bonus points if they’ll tell you about quick wins and long-term growth for your site.

Black-Hat SEO Strategies

Even though search engines are becoming smarter every day, there are still many SEO companies that use spammy tactics to deceive a search engine into ranking a page even if it doesn’t deserve to.

You have to be wary and find time to familiarize yourself with black-hat SEO tactics to ensure your chosen SEO partner isn’t implementing them on your website. These shady strategies may work for a while but will eventually result in your site being penalized by search engines.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO should be a part of the conversation when discussing the general SEO strategy. Find agencies that can conduct a mobile audit of your site. Also, make sure that they can easily explain why mobile is essential to be considered.

2. SEO Recommendations

Besides asking about their SEO services, see if you can get a sample recommendation report from the agency. This should contain a list of suggestions on what needs to be done to improve your site rankings.

Is the report given actionable, insightful, and easy to understand? If they can’t provide a recommendation, then it’s best to bid goodbye and work with another company that knows how to provide one.

Type of Reporting

Other than the sample recommendation report, you have to know what to expect every month from the agency. Feel free to let them know how in-depth you want the reports to be. Some clients want something comprehensive to share with executives.

3. Genuine Results

If an SEO company promises that they’ll get you to rank #1, run away and don’t look back. Even if they vouch for first-page rankings, this doesn’t mean that the traffic you get will be any good. Instead, you’ll likely get the typical response of “it depends,” provided that you’re given a decent answer as to why.

When it comes to results, ask your SEO partner how they’ll measure success. Everything should be according to your goals. Things like “organic revenue” and “traffic” are what gives you results. Whatever their answer is, it should align with how you see success for your digital marketing investment.

Time Frame for Results

An effective SEO campaign will take time, but that doesn’t mean that an experienced company won’t be able to give you a time frame to start seeing results. In general, you can expect to see results within 6 months from the time you started.

The possibility of getting good results actually depends on the health of your website. For example, fixing technical errors can gain legitimate SEO results in a short time. However, if your website is already structured well and don’t have any technical issues, you may have to wait longer to see measurable change.

4. SEO Trends

Ask what significant SEO trends do the company sees in the future. But don’t expect them to go down the list of trends to make a good impression. The goal of this question is to know which agencies are updated continuously on the ever-changing SEO landscape and if they know how to leverage it to benefit you.

To rank higher or simply maintain your rankings, constantly modifying SEO strategies is essential as the algorithms of search engines evolve. The digital marketing world’s pace of change will only quicken in the decades ahead, which means SEO agencies should have a vested interest in anticipating and understanding of what’s coming.

The Bottom Line

You have to use your gut instinct and common sense. SEO isn’t meant to give you instant results and be #1 on search rankings. The SEO team you hire should not only be trustworthy but also shares knowledge to empower and help you achieve your business goals.

A good SEO agency will let you know what they need from you to be successful. Make sure to take inputs from them seriously. Without compromise and internal adaption from your end, you’ll only see minimal results, if any.

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