Han Seo-hee, “drug charges” negative hair test “released”→Happy updates “I love you, baby.” – KBIZOOM

Han Seo-hee, former idol trainee, shared her current situation after release.

On August 15th Han Seo-hee posted a photo and video on her SNS (social networking service) Instagram.

In the published photo, Han Seo-hee is taking a mirror selfie in front of the sink while wearing a white T-shirt and luxury bag. And in the video, Han Seo Hee is brightly smiling with a short caption “I love you baby”.

Han Seo-hee is attracting attention by posting a post about a month and a half after the 1st of last month.

Previously in September 2017, Han Seo-hee was sentenced to 3 years in prison, 4 years of probation for cannabis smoking charges. However, on the 7th of last month during the probation period, Han Seo-hee tested positive for drug and was detained in a probation office.

However, on the 11th of last month the Seongnam Branch of Suwon District Court rejected the prosecution’s request to cancel the probation in connection with Han Seo-hee’s drug administration charges. 

In response, the judge said that the drug-related results received by sending Han Seo-hee’s hair to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation were negative and she was dismissed. Therefore, Han Seo-hee was released from the probation office and remains suspended.

Meanwhile, Han Seo-hee is a singer trainee who appeared in MBC’s ‘Great Birth’ season 3 in 2013 and received attention for ‘looking like Song Ji-hyo’. Since then, she has had a public dating relationship with singer TOP (33, real name Choi Seung-hyun) and Jung Da-eun, who appeared on the comedy TV show ‘The Age of Ulzzang’.

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