Google’s search engine deal with Apple a centerpiece of DOJ lawsuit | AppleInsider

In 2018, the department says, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet/Google CEO Sundar Pichai met to discuss how both companies could work together to drive search revenue growth. After the meeting, a senior Apple executive told a Google counterpart that “our vision is that we work as if we are one company,” the lawsuit claims.

GabyGaby Said:

Ok but one can’t have it both ways. They cannot argue that users specifically choose to use google search because of its superiority, but then also pay Apple a vast fortune to set it as default. And by the same token if it is indeed so easy for users to change to the search of their preference (which on a technical level it is) and again, if it’s the search engine of choice why are they preinstalling it everywhere they can and why is it so important to have it be the default app to begin with. The fact is that most people will simply use whatever comes preinstalled. Few will take time to download and try different engines to see which is the best for them or to compare as they are in many respects lazy like that and people over 35 are less savvy to these things anyway. My sisters are 28 and I don’t think any of them are very familiar with iOS settings or know they can change default browser or search and the same for many of my friends of similar or even younger ages. So I think they’re being quite disingenuous in their arguments. 

I think it’s so tough to decide this sort of thing. As the prior post said, everyone has options. Years ago when you wanted gas in your car there was only one company that supplied gas, so anti-trust laws were developed. The current situation is sooo different. Times are changing, clearly the laws need to change before cases like this go through. IMO 

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