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If you haven’t already heard, the single most powerful online tool for brick and mortar companies to compete online is local search. In fact, statistics suggest that four out of five consumers are using local information online to connect with businesses, so if you’re not already optimised for local search, you could be missing out on more than 75% of your potential customers. Optimising for local is absolutely essential if you want to stay relevant, but it can be a difficult task. In fact, many companies just like yours hire a local SEO agency to handle the task for them, and with good reason. Working with a professional team means real results that you can count on. What exactly will a local SEO team do for you, though? Most deploy these five tactics almost immediately.

Not every local optimisation company will do all of these things for you. As you search for the right team to meet your needs, make certain that they’re at least willing to do these five things at the minimum. After all, without these key components, your local SEO goals are certain to flop almost completely. Before you ask about anything else, make sure these five things are part of any local SEO company’s search plan for your company.

Author’s Bio:

Hitesh is a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, start-ups, branding, and customer acquisition strategies. Hitesh is the CEO and Founder of Reposition Group, which encompasses a number of companies in the digital sector including SEO.co.uk, Reposition.co.uk, and Bouncezap.com, amongst others.

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