Find Your Next New Fragrance Using Genius Search Engine Wikiparfums

New season, a new fragrance, there is no better time to switch up your scent than when the weather is changing.

Many new perfumes are launched seasonally to fit with the time of year, lighter scents for the Summer months, dark and sexier fragrances usually get launched towards Christmas.

As we are facing into Autumn/Winter we feel in the mood of picking up a new feelgood fragrance, and we’ve found the search engine that makes the job so easy.

Floral Oriental – Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP, €68

There are a couple of search engines to help find a new fragrance, but either they are attached to a store, or they suggest very obscure scents we wouldn’t know where to get them, so we’re not that keen on those.

But when we came across Wikiparfums we were intrigued to see how well this encyclopedia of scent would work as a fragrance finder. As it turns out it works brilliantly.

This is how to navigate the site because there are two ways to use it to get your perfect perfume.

Floral & Fruity – Jimmy Choo EDT, €48.95

If you already have a scent you love you can use the name of it to get to a selection of other scents that will be similar in perfume family (woody, floral, green, oriental, etc) and might have some of the same notes, rose, jasmine, patchouli, and so on.

I tried it with my own favourite fragrance, and in the selection offered to me, I spotted three from the six that I know and like very much, so the system works perfectly.

But if you’re hoping to find a new fragrance and all you know is that you like a certain note or type of scent it works very well that way too. Here’s how to use it if you are a big fan of just a single aroma.

Woody Floral – Narciso Rodriguez Narciso EDP, from €44.45

Say you are absolutely mad for anything that smells like coconut, or marshmallow, patchouli, any note at all, you can choose that from a list here.

When you pick your favourite note, the search engine then collects all the notes that most often go with the one you’ve picked so you can whittle down the perfumes that will be suggested by choosing one from this list.

This step might happen once more and you end up with three notes that you love and the site will then give you the perfumes that match. Again, this works perfectly, but whichever way you use it give it a go, it’s just about the most fun way to find a new fragrance for the new season.

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